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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 7th January 2021 Veer sees the form in Rani’s room. Rani wakes up.. He says we are still stuck in guestroom. She says let me try. Veer tries to open it. Malini hears the noise. She opens it frm the outside. Veer sees her. He asks Rani to be quite. Malini hides. Rani and Veer come out. Veer says no one should know. Malini wonders what is going on between them. Rani gives flowers for Pooja to Malini and sees her weird behavior. Rani says all okay? She says I don’t want to talk to you. Her husband asks what happened? She says I saw her with Veer coming out of guestroom. They were together all night. I have to tell everyone. He says it could be a misunderstanding. We can’t question, we are guests here.

Vikram says to Veer how was it? With Bhabhi sa all night. He says shut up. I am your brother. Veer says I called you. Vikram says I didn’t know. Kiara comes in. Vikram says it was all planned by God. First he locked you and then broke the lock. Kiara says in heart that means Veer was with rani. Kiara says to Vikram you lied he was at hospital. Vikram says they are husband and wife. They can be together. Kiara says I could handle the matter. Vikram says the fate is already out of your hands. They will come close if you want to part them.

Rani says these people are so weird. First she was so nice with me now she’s angry. She collides with Veer. He picks her form. Veer says when will you submit it? She says I will see it. He says do you know the deadline? Rani says I know. He says submit it then. Rani says it is my only dream. I am under responsibilities but how will I study with all these problems? I can’t focus. And you’re always mad at me. He says don’t be upset. Come sit here. Veer says the way you didn’t forget your dreams, I didn’t forget my promises. I will handle what’s happening in the house. For you the most important thing should be your admission. Fill the form. He gives her a pen. Rani says address of this house? He says yes this house.

Scene 2
Kiara prepares for the Pooja. Malini comes. She says our DILs should do Pooja in the house. She says I have prepared everything. Sindur, bangles, saree. Where is your sindur? Our daughter in laws fill hairlines. Husbands fill their wives’ hairline. Kiara says I wish Veer could fill my hairline. Malini says is everything okay between you both? Kiara says he’s always busy with work. Malini says I will make him fill your hairline.

Malini says thank you for being a part of this Pooja Rajmata. Rajmata says let’s start it. Jai’s dad says pandit ji has decided the engagement date for tomorrow. Rani and Veer look at each other. He says it’s too late. Rani says in heart I have to stop it. Malini says Veer fill Kiara’s hairline. Husbands have to fill it before the Pooja. Veer is confused. Malini gives him sindur and says fill her hairline. Malini says why are you confused? She’s your wife. Veer looks at Kiara. Jai says come on. Malini come on Veer,.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kiara takes the form from Rani and says why do you need it? Rani says what are you doing? Veer comes and says Kiara, stop it. You can’t play with someone’s future. Malini comes and says you are mad at your wife for her? Malini asks Rajeshwari what’s going on in this house? I don’t know the truth of this house. Married to one and relationship with one. Veer says I will tell you the truth.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2021
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