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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th January 2021 Rani looks for her form. She sees someone in a shawl. Rani says who that is.. Is that a thief. Rani picks a rolling pin. She goes after that person and hits him. Rani says who is this. It’s Veer. Rani says you.. He says what’s your problem? Rani says you were roaming around in your own house as a thief. He says so no one knows I am sleeping in the guest room. You always create drama. What are you doing here? She says I needed a pen. I did the right thing, you should appreciate it. I would have hit the thief. Why are you sleeping here? He says Kiara is in the room. Rani says so? He says she’s not my wife. Can’t sleep with her in the room.

Rani goes out. The room gets locked. Rani says let me call someone.. He says you always create trouble. He says quite. Malini wakes up and says I heard someone calling names. Veer stops Rani from speaking. He says if someone comes they will know I am here. Rani says it’s your fault I am stuck here. Veer says did anyone ask you to be a watchman? Veer says if anyone knows who will answer Malini and Rani sa? Rani says what to do now? He says just stay silent.

Scene 2
Kiara wakes up Vikram. HE says what are you doing here? do you have any shame? Kiara says shut up. She says where is Veer? He says room or study.. Kiara says nowhere. He says must be hiding under the bed because of you. Kiara says shut up and look for him.

Rani says you can go out from the window. Veer says it’s a window and there is pool. Can you go? He sees her form and recalls Ramo always talking about her dreams. He says you haven’t even submitted the form. She says it slipped my mind. He says yeah you’re so busy here. You always spoke about studies when you came her and now you are into stupid things. It isn’t easy to get a degree. You haven’t even submitted a form. Your dad made me promise that you will study. I think I will have to tell him. She says yeah as if you care about him. He says I told you.. Rani says yeah I don’t want to talk about it. He says you’re bitter. Rani says I am only smart. Call Vikram, he will get us out.

Vikram says where is my brother. Look at the skeleton. See what you did to him. You ate him. Kiara says shut up. Vikram laughs. Veer calls Vikram and says Rani and I are stuck in the guestroom. Vikram pretends to not hear. He says no network. Kiara says is it Veer? Vikram says yes he is out for work. Go to sleep.

Veer says my phone is dead. Rani says oh God.. He says quite. Give me your phone. Rani says it’s on my bed not here. I am stuck here because of you. I will have to do something. He says you better not. Rani says I was trying to help.

Veer tries to break the lock. Rani says let me try now. He says okay let me see. Rani tries different things but the knob breaks. Veer says you broke it. What will we do now? Rani says you’re so rich and used such a low-quality lock. He says if you minded your own business this won’t have happened. Rani says you’re so rude. I don’t want to talk to you. He says neither do I.

They both sit down. Veer says you rest. I will decide what to do and find out a solution.

Rani sleeps on the bed. Veer looks at her. Rani says what? He says I.. Rani says say what is in your heart. He says all that is happening in the house, Kiaras as my.. I am sorry. You must be feeling bad. Rani says I do when I see you all my heart beats fast. My hands are wet, my eyes are teary and feet are cold. You act so weirdly, you talk with love sometimes and sometimes you get so mad. I don’t know when would you react and how.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Malini sees Rani and Veer together. Malini says what’s happening between them? Malini asks Veer to fill Kiara’s hairline. She says can’t do pooja without sindur.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2021
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