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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th February 2021 Kiara asks Veer whether they can go to any lodge or hotel. Birju says there is a motel, he’ll have to talk to them. He asks but who is she? She says she is Veer’s.. Vikram says she’s with Veer’s brother. He brought her there. Birju says meaning his wife. Vikram says not at all. Birju says, a girlfriend? Vikram says a childhood friend. Birju asks their parents don’t mind them hovering around together? Vikram says you ask too many questions. Rani says there is no need to go anywhere, she’ll make arrangements in her house. She was standing up, but Veer stops saying she regained consciousness, doesn’t mean she is fine. She is still weak and she won’t do any work, she will only rest. Pinku says they will manage everything. Kiara doesn’t like seeing Veer caring for Rani.

Veer’s father asks Rajmata what’s the matter as she starts walking away seeing him. Rajmata says he has done a sin. Why did he hide Veer’s truth from her? He told her that he brought him from an orphanage. Today she found out that he’s the reason for differences between him and Rajeshwari. She says she wants to know who is the woman. He says he doesn’t have any relation with her now, he doesn’t know where she is. She says everyone is suffering because of his mistake. She is afraid what will happen when Veer learns the truth.

Veer thinks he tried so many times to tell the truth to Rani. He says he will have to tell her somehow. Rani comes and requests him to help with her best friend’s delivery. He says he’s not a gynecologist. She insists. He agrees. They come outside and it turns out Rani’s best friend is a buffalo. He is shocked and says he doesn’t know all this, she needs to call animal doctor. Birju says buffalo will manage by herself. Dadi tells Veer to help. He agrees. He puts on the gloves. Family members gather round. He thinks he didn’t imagine he would ever do this. Vikram comes and is amazed. Everyone claps as delivery is done. Rani tells him to open animal hospital too in city. 1 degree and 2 hospitals. He says very funny. Dadi thanks Veer. He tells her not to thank him again and again. She says she’s worried about 1 thing. She says they are big people and requests to free Bauji from jail. She doesn’t know how long she will be alive, she wants him to be free. She requests and asks he will help her, right? He says yes. Rani hears the conversation. Veer thinks he can’t stay there longer. He must inform Rani. He goes to wash hands. Kiara is angry seeing all this. She calls Rajeshwari, but she disconnects the call.

Nandini tells Jai that she’s thankful, but he shouldn’t call her again and again. He says he was just worried for her. He receives a call from Champa. He puts Nandini on hold and tells her to wait. Champa asks whether plan is on. He tells her not to be worried; he’s working on his plan. He hangs up and refers Nandini as Champa. She says what? He changes the topic.

Kiara is making faces seeing buffalo and baby. Birju tells her not to make faces, otherwise the buffalo will attack on her. Rani brings sweets. Vikram says so cool. Kiara says she is not interested in celebrating a buffalo’s birthday. Dadi and others have packed pickles, etc for Rani to take to Veer’s home. Veer hears and goes away. Pinku brings Rani on a side and tells her to ask Bauji’s truth to Veer.

Veer recalls Rajeshwari telling him that he needs to drop Rani in her village. Vikram asks if he’s feeling that bad, then why is he doing it? He says he is not sad. Vikram says it can clearly be seen on his face that he doesn’t want to do this. Veer says unlike Vikram, he has to earn mother’s love, he has to prove that he is capable for that love. Vikram tells him that he has started smiling after coming here, he stays so happy. If he can stay freely here, then why not in Jaipur too, with Rani? Veer says he cannot because Rajeshwari doesn’t want it. Vikram says what about Rani? Veer says she will understand, she cares about others happiness as well. Vikram says she will feel bad. Veer says there is nothing in their relationship. She needs to get hurt now in order to be happy in future. Rani comes and asks what they are talking about? Vikram says just about the buffalo and her delivery. He makes excuse and leaves.

Rani tells Veer that after Bauji, it’s the buffalo with whom she shares everything. She thanks him for helping her today. He says he learned from her only. She did so much for him, his family. They both together say that they wanted to talk about something.. She says can she ask first? She waited for a long. He nods. She requests him to not lie. She asks whether they are the reason behind Bauji being in jail. He says the truth is… Rajeshwari interrupts and says she will tell the truth. Veer and Rani are shocked!

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Telecast Date:6th February 2021
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