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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th October 2021 Episode starts with Rani gets glad as Rajeshwari calls her bahu rani and tells that she will never upset you. Rajeshwari says I know. Rajmata appreciates Mausa ji and Pinku for searching him. Vikram says Gajri got Suraj marry that aunty, even she has done good work. Rajeshwari hopes that Digvijay comes back soon, and tells that she talked to him on phone, he is in Ujjain, doing darshan of Maha Kaal, may be we are safe because of his prayers.

Rajmata asks when is he coming? Rajeshwari says when I told him that everyone is safe here, he told that he will do darshan of a temple and come. Rajmata says we will celebrate Navratri well, even this time. Rani says she will call Nandini, if all the family members are together then it will be fun. Champa comes to the kitchen and keeps empty cooker on the gas. She thinks to teach a lesson to Nandini. She comes to her and says I know that you don’t want to see my face, even I don’t want to show my face to you.

She says I thought to make food for you all today, and asks her to wait in the kitchen for 10 mins, as she has some work given by Hukum. Nandini says I will do this for Jai and not you. She comes to the kitchen. Rani calls Nandini and thinks why call is not connecting. Champa waits for the cooker to blast and accuses her from separating her from her Hukum. She starts the countdown. Just then Nandini’s phone rings. Nandini goes from there to attend the call. Champa gets upset.

Nandini comes to her mobile, just then the cooker blasts. She gets shocked and goes back to kitchen. Her mother in law comes there and asks Nandini if she is fine. Nandini says yes. She sees Champa coming there and acting asking if she is fine. Nandini warns her and says I will not let you succeed. Champa says how can you talk such things, I was helping you. Jai comes there and asks what is cooking today.

Champa says Didi is accusing me unnecessarily. Jai stops Champa and asks her to clean it fast. He tells Nandini and Maa that they have to go to Rajawat house and tells that they have returned, and Rani Sa kept Navratri puja in the night. He says Bhabhisa called. Nandini gets happy and says she will get ready. Champa thinks she shall take Jai’s help to get saved from Rajeshwari, else she will pull out my skin.

Veer wakes up in his room and looks at Rani, who is wearing earring sitting infront of dressing table. He calls her. Rani says you have woken up. He asks her to come near him. Rani asks if he needs anything. He says you. Rani smiles and says you start at wrong time. He says romance and love don’t start seeing time.

Rani says puja is on time and kalash needs to be kept. She asks him to get ready. Veer asks her to let him see her face for 5 mins. She says Rajmata is waiting and asks him to get ready. He pretends to be feeling pain. She gets worried. He keeps her hand on his chest and says whenever you go away from me, I feel strange loneliness. She says so you was acting. He says you taught me this, only I have right on your love, as you are so beautiful.

Rani hugs him. Jai thinks he can’t sail in two boats and thinks to do handle Nandini and Champa and thinks they are becoming punishment from enjoyment. Champa pulls her near him and asks if he is scared as his wife’s money returned. Jai says Champa, I am Nandini’s husband always and I have to be her husband, but my relation with her is just namesake, but I am yours from heart and body. Champa asks him to bear her expenses. He says he is going for puja now. Nandini comes there and calls Jai. She asks Jai to come and asks Champa to take care of home, as they will get late while coming back. She leaves with Jai. Champa gets upset.

Rani thinks Nandini didi’s call is not connecting. She tells this to Vikram and says she has forgotten to call her friend Diya, and says she wants a job. She tells that Arjun taught her badminton and understands her. She says Diya’s marriage and match are on the same day. Even Arjun’s marriage is on the same day. Vikram asks her to get ready for puja.

Later everyone stands for puja. Vikram gets sad. Rani comes to him and asks what happened? He shows the message of his wife Kiara. Rani reads her message, which states that she is sending the divorce papers and going abroad. Rani tells Kiara that love can be bounded with conditions. He says I still love her, she has moved on and I am still. Rani says Mata Rani must have thought something for you and someone will knock on your heart door. She asks him to attend the puja with a smile. Gajri thinks I will knock on his heart door.

Nandini comes to Rajawat’s house with her inlaws and Jai. Her mother in law says you have started puja without us. Jai asks Nandini not to tell anything to anyone. Nandini says she can’t stress her family members. He asks her to wipe her tears, before someone sees. Rani thinks something is going on fishy between them. Nandini hugs Rajeshwari, Rajmata and Veer. She cries hugging Veer. Veer asks if everything is fine. Nandini says yes, I was missing you and that’s why cried. He says even we were missing you, we will be always together. Jai says sorry for whatever happened with your dad.

Veer says Rani sa told me that they have even blackmailed you. Rajeshwari says we have returned home after many days and want you to stay here for few days with us. Nandini says why not, as you say. Rajmata says lets do aarti. She begins doing aarti. Everyone do the aarti one by one. Champa comes there wearing guard’s uniform and comes close to Jai. She says Nandini didi trusted you, but I am not like her. Rani thinks what is cooking between Champa and Jai, as it is effecting Nandini, thinks to talk to her.

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Telecast Date:5th October 2021
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