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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th January 2021 Kiara shuts the door at Rani’s face. Rani touches the door. She recalls Veer saying there’s no place for her in his life. She recalls Rajeshwari introducing Kiara as her DIL. Rani says why does it upset me? I am so alone. She goes downstairs and recalls everything.

Kiara says I know what you are feeling. I am not comfortable either. But how would I avoid Malini’s question? I should have avoided it. You are awkward here and I feel so bad for Rani. Veer says please, I understand. You don’t have to be sorry. I should have told the truht. Nevertheless, I will now. I will sort it out. You don’t have to do all this. Kiara says you won’t go anywhere. Sit here. You know how upset Rani sa is. She just came home. Even if you are someone’s husband, we are friends. I trust you. I will sleep on the sofa. He says no, I will sleep on the sofa. You can sleep on the bed. Kiara gives him juice. It spills on the bed. Veer says you sleep on the sofa, I will manage. I have work so I will see that. Veer leaves. Kiara says my plan failed.

Sanjay says it shouldn’t have happened. Rajeshwari I won’t ever accept Ramo’s daughter as my DIL. Rajeshwari says thier relationship is dependent on our acceptance. They were united by God. Rajeshwari says this isn’t God’s house. This is my house. My orders will rule here. Rajmata says Kiara and Veer were engaged. But it was fate. Rajeshwari says then me introducing Kiara as my DIL is also fate. Sanjay says this is wrong. Vikram says Kiara being in Veer’s room. Rajmata says we will be so insulted if this news goes out. And Rani how will we face her? Rajeshwari says we face those who are equal to us. No one is thinking about Kiara. She suffered so much yet helped us. Vikram says her chapter is closed. The situation was such that I had to send Kiara there. You didn’t recognize your mother. I did all this for Nandini. I won’t let her proposal go because of Rani.

Scene 2
Jai comes to room and says Nandini, where are you? He hears the shower. He closes his eyes and says I love you. Here is your ring. Champa comes out and says you told me you only love me. He says we have to do all this to keep her happy. Champa picks the ring. She says this is mine. They slip. Nandini comes there and sees them fighting over the ring. Nandini says what was that? Jai says I slipped. Nandini says be careful of these small people. She asks Champa to clean it.

Pinku is studying. Rani tries but she can’t solve it. Pinku says are you okay? She says I am so worried. My life is a question now. Rani hugs him and cries. Rani says I want to go back to the village. I don’t like it here. Pinku says take care of yourself. Here is your admission form. Fill it. Rani says the deadline is far. He says no it’s tomorrow. You have to submit it tomorrow. Rani says I miss you dad. I want to hug you and cry. Rani sleeps. She hears a noise.

Rani sees Champta keeping money in her bag. Rani says Jai gave it right? Champa says mind your own business. Rani says don’t trust him. Champa says I got this courage from you. I thought we servants only work for them but I saw you and saw that we can sit next to them. rani says I don’t care but this will ruin Nandini’s life. Champa says look who is talking. I am not ruining anyone’s life. You will become the DIL of this house. I can’t do the dishes. Rani says I know that I know you will expose Jai. But please don’t do a mistake that leads to a dead end.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani gives food to Veer and says have food. Veer recalls Rani is studying and it was Ramo’s dream. Veer says when will you study? How will you pass? Rani says how weird is this man.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
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