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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th September 2021 Rani comes home and sees Veer sitting outisde. Rani asks are you upset? She says you didn’t call. He says I couldn’t get the job. My mentor isn’t hiring me. I doubt myself now. He throws a stone. rani throws one and says I won. He says I am telling you about my life and you’re talking about this? She says you are making excuses because you lost. He says I can throw it much farther. Rani says show me. Veer throws it and says see now. He says tell me what’s in your heart. Rani says life means we should keep trying. If we doubt ourselves it would be useless. Your mentor might have his reason. It has nothing to do with your talent. He says you’re right. Rani holds his hand.

Scene 2
Rani comes in. Rajeshwari is making food. Digvijay says Maa saa come here. See here what Mausa ji is saying. He’s saying it’s his daughter’s house. He can’t live here. Mausa ji says I can’t live here. You are already in trouble. Digvijay says this is your house. Vikram says to Rani if you weren’t here we won’t be able to live in this house. Pinku says my sister is a queen. Kajri brings sweet. Rani and Kajri enjoy them sucking. Rani says we would eat it like this in childhood.

Scene 3
Sooraj keeps writing 25k times. Servant says food. He says can’t you see I am busy. Vijya comes there. She’s shocked. she says please eat. He says I have to write it 25k times. Vijya says I won’t leave that Radhika.

Rani says to Rajeshwari won’t you eat this rasgulla? She says no. Rani says can I eat it then? She says eat like humans. Vijya calls on Rani’s phone. Rajeshwari hears it. Rani pretends like it’s her project. Vijya says can’t you hear me? Rani says there was no connection. Vijya says the way you have made my son crazy, stop him right now. Come now. Rani says I can’t come right now. she says come here or I will come to your hostel. Rani says no no. I am coming. My hostel will fire me if they find out I am teaching your son. Veer asks Rani what’s going on? He says you look worried. She says my project. He says okay. she says I have to go to my friend’s place. Veer says let me drop you. Rani says it’s okay you stay here with Rani sa. He says be careful. Rani leaves.

Scene 4
Rani comes to Sooraj. He’s writing. Sooraj says I wrote it 2k times. Rani says please stop. Don’t do this. He says okay I will stop if you ask. He says let me treat you with ice cream. Rani says I have hostel timings. I need to go back. Vijya says I can handle them. She says take my car. Rani is scared. Vijya says my son doesn’t hear a no and I don’t see him upset. Sooraj brings Rani to the market. He says I chill with my friends a lot here. Which one would you like? Rani says I don’t want it. He says two kulfis. Rani says I have to get out of here.

Veer comes there. Sooraj brings rani kulfi. He says eat please. Rani says Veer must be worried. Rani sees Veer. She’s shocked. Rani says I have to go now. I can’t stay. He says end it please. Rani says the gate would close. He says I will handle it. Rani drops the ice cream and says I have to go now. He says let me get another one.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th September 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Rani hides from Veer. She says this Sooraj is after me. Veer is standing behind her.

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Telecast Date:4th September 2021
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