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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th January 2021 Malini says this girl is like a part of this family. Veer says you try her remedies. Call me if you need medicine. Veer leaves. Rani applies oil on her feet.

Pooja starts. Malini says where are Veer and DIL? Veer and Rani come. Vikram says they are here. Kiara comes and sits next to Veer. Rani asks Rajeshwari to serve. She gives Malini vegetables and says this will help your pain. Malini says this girl is very nice. She healed my foot and now she made this vegetable. Rajmata says that’s how our Rani is. She is so close to us and takes care of everyone. Rajeshwri says she works here, it’s her job. Rani gives food to Veer, he says no thank you. Jai says Rani hi, give me halwa. Rani says you’re naughty, not like your parents. She asks is he really your son? Rajeshwari says what is this misbhevaior. Jai’s dad says she’s right, Jai is immature. Malini says we have spoiled him. Jai’s dad says Jai we are here to talk about your wedding. If you act immature, it will halt things. Malini says when gets married has responsibility, he will learn. Rught Nandini? Vikram says she’s irresponsible herself. She gets over in parties. Nandini says he’s teasing me. Malini says we know if a girl like Nandini comes in Jai’s life she will make his life a lot better. Jai says let’s fix a date. Rajmata says I will call pandit ji tomrorow. Rani says some people never become better. Dogs can’t stop barking. Malini laughs. Rajeshwari says you have spoken a lot. Go to kitchen and sit in a corner and have food.

Rani eats in the kitchen. Rajmata comes and says I didn’t eat. I want to eat with you. rani brings her a chair. They both sit together and eat. rani says can I eat from hands? She says yes. Rajmata says first I thought it was a forced decision. But then I got to know and realized, God can never make wrong bonds. I am sorry I couldn’t stand for you. She made Kiara the DIL of this house. I want to tell you a lot of things, I have seen a lot of DILs, you’re different from everyone. Rani says no I didn’t do anything. I do what my heart says. Rajmata says you’re so selfless. My blessings are always with you.

Scene 2
Jai says to Champa thank you. You didn’t say truth to everyone. Champa says you will marry Nandini anyway. He says that’s for the name only. My real relationship is with you only. He says I can do a lot for you. Champa says you gave me a ring and took that back as well. He says I was helpless, Nandini wanted it. Champa says sure, give me engagement naig, if I say truth, your clothes would be torn. He says what do you want? She says 50k. He says you servant, what would you do with that amount? She says that’s just for engagement, wedding would be a lot more. Rani comes in. Champa hides. Jai says what? Rani says need to keep an eye if everything is okay. He says go from here I will tell Rani sa. Rani says even she won’t be able to save you some day.

Scene 3
Rajeshwari says Kiara I will always be grateful to you. Nandini would get married and you would be free from it. Kiara says you’re family to me. I will do anything for you. Rajeshwari says thank you. Please rest. I got the guest room ready. Kiara says in it’s a matter of few days for you but lifetime for me. You made me DIL in front of some people. I need to make an entry in Veer’s life. Malini Kiara sit with us. She says aunty, I am going to rest in guest room. Malini says you’re Veer’s wife? Why guest room? Kiara says my room and stuff is all messed up and some stuff is still in guest room. Kiara says Rani would you help me shift my stuff to Veer’s room? Rani says okay. Kaira says thank you.

Rani and Kiara take her stuff upstairs. Rani sees mangalsutra in her neck. Rani gets awkward. Kiara says I am sorry, this mangalsutra. And I said about guest room. Have to say this. Rani says it’s for few days only. Rajmata told me mangalsutra is the symbol of marriage. You have to wear it. Kiara says you don’t have a problem? She says you’re doing this for our family. Kiara says in her heart is she innocent or stupid? I am doing all this for myself. Veer will make me wear this mangalsutra.

Rani brings the bag to the room. Veer stands up. Kiara takes it inside and shuts the door on Rani’s face.


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