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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 31st October 2020 Rai leaves. Veer comes to the lawyer. He says Kunwar sa. Welcome. Veer says look left. Now look at me. He says sir? Veer says there’s a case. Not law but narcissistic and psychotic behavior. He says I am so young. Please tell me some medicine. Veer says yeah you need a medicine. He says give me. Veer slaps him. He says now you have it. Where’s the bangle? The lawyer gives it to him. Veer says now you’re treated.

Scene 2
Pinku says why didn’t you take me to the lawyer. I would have slapped him. She says I have given him 24 hours. Let’s see after that. Driver comes in and gives her bangle. She says what?? Who gave this? He says Veer gave it. Rani is very happy. She wears it.

Rani comes to Veer and says how? He says the lawyer got scared of your anger. Rani says let me tell you a story of my anger. I hit a shopkeeper once. He used to annoying everyone with his car in the market. Veer says interesting. Champa says Rani come here. Rani leaves. Rani says you waste a lot of time. I have work. pinku says see my sister is so brave. He says your sister is trying but she’s stupid. She gave it to him in first place. Pinku says she’s innocent.

Champa says dishes, everything is left. Rani says but that’s your duty. Champa says so you were saying you’re taking Ramo’s place? Rani says he used to manage you and I will see that. Champa says so you will overlook our work? Champa says he knew everything but you don’t know anything. Rani says says let me try. Shanti says where is your uniform? She says I don’t like it. Shanti says this is the rule of this house. She will be very mad. Rani says but I don’t like it. Shanti says we only say yes to our masters.

Scene 3
Veer’s fiance comes. She says you take care of people’s hearts. Ever think about my heart? He says what happened to your heart? She says be a little romantic. I got you gift from france. He says control, don’t get too close someone will come. She says it’s okay. We are getting married in a week. Veer says someone will see. Veer says I don’t like all this. She says I am soon to be your wife. Kiara says sing something.

Rani is on the chandelier and says Koyal si meri boli.. Kiara and Veer are shocked. Rani says it was so cute and funny. Kiara was saying such lovely things. Vikram says Rani what are you doing? Rani says I am cleaning this chanelier. Then Kiara came and got all romantic with Veer. Vikram says how did you get theer? She says I used to get on trees to get fruits. He says you’re going on my gram. Make a V. Rajeshwari comes. She’s shocked. Rajeshwari says get down. Rani says only one corner is left. Rajeshwari says you illetrate idiot get down. Rani says okay coming. She sneezes on everyone. Rajeshwari says get down. Rani falls. Veer holds her hand. Rani says sorry.

Her saree is all cut and designed. Rani says sorry it was dust.. Rani keeps sneezing. Rajeshwari says you are at Ramo’s place here. How dare you do this to the uniform? Rani says it was itching my skin. Rajeshwari says disgusting. Uniform is a brand. People get to know you’re servant of Rajawat family. Keep your books for your village. Rani says sorry. I made a mistake. Rajeshwari says Kumud why was she cleaning? Champa it was your work. Why was she there? Her husband says she will learn. It’s her first day. rajeshwari says I am handling. Rules are equal for everyone. All servants work here as per my directions. A bulb falls from the chandelier. Everyone is shocked. Kiara gets scared. Rajeshwari says are you okay? Veer says she’s fine. Rani says are you okay? Rajeshwari says it all happened because of you. Our royal blood is not as useless as yours. I am giving you one last chance. Get out. Kumud take her from here and fix her uniform.

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