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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 30th December 2020 Rani prepares everyone. She brings things for pooja. Jai’s mom says what are you doing? The DIL of this house does this preparation. Rani says I can’t lie. I am doing this preparation because.. Jai says DIL. I mean DIL is now so she has to do these preps. She says servant no. 1 of this house. She says oh it’s okay. Rani says he doesn’t look like your son at all. She says he’s like this since childhood, very naughty. Rani looks at Jai’s madly. He says don’t be mad Bhabhi sa. You are doing preps for our Pooja and might be preparing for our wedding. She says your face wouldn’t even be sold for 20 rupees. Rani says I am only doing this for my God. Rani says I will prepare for Pooja well and be a good DIL. And won’t let Nandini marry this man. But what will happen when everyone finds out I am the DIL of this house.

Kumud says to Sanjay your soup. He says leave it here. Kumud says Veer and Rani are very worried. There must be some reality. He says this soup is so bad. And don’t give your opinion in our family matters. Kumud says Veer was worried so I said it. He says take it from here. Rajmata asks Sanjay are you okay? He says yes. Rajmata says tell me if there’s any trouble. He says I said there isn’t. He gets loud. Rajmata leaves. Sanjay says Rajmata I am sorry. She says prepare for the Pooja.

Scene 2
The Pooja starts. Jai’s mom says is the DIL so sick that she can’t even join us in Pooja? Jai says she will join us later. Padmini comes. Malani says you can’t be a part of this Pooja. Rajmata says she’s a part of our family. You can’t insult her like that. Malani says you were going to make fun of our rituals. I was wondering what is about you that is troubling me. Then I realized you are Nakul’s wife, who passed away some years ago. Rajmata her fake sindur is a problem to me. According to rituals, a widow can’t take part in our poojas. Vikram says aunty please, you can’t talk to masi like this. Malani says I am sorry but we can’t let our rituals become joke. A widow can’t be a part of our rituals. Rani says you’re big people, I shouldn’t be speaking in between you people. Our worlds are different. But there’s one thing common and that’s loyalty. My dad told me how her husband met an accident and his body was never found. How can she forget him and call him dead? Like you have faith in your God, she has faith in her love. My dad stayed 11 months away from my mom but her sindur made her realize he’s close. Mausi ji’s sindur is her faith that her husband will come back one day. So if anyone deserves the most to sit in this Pooja, that’s Mausi ji. Malani’s husband says she’s right. Malani says you’re wise, you’re young but you have such a big heart. Come let’s do Pooja.

They all do Pooja. Padmini also sits in it..

Scene 3
Padmini recalls what happened and how rani defended her. Rani comes and gives her parsad. Padmini says I am sorry. Rani says what are you saying? You’re elder. Padmini says I only insulted you in this house. I am such a small person. I insulted your father and you defended me. Rani says that’s my responsibility. She says I wanted to insult you today as well and present Kiara as the DIL of this house. I wanted to give your respect to her and you.. You fought everyone for my respect. Rani says because I know how it feels. Padmini says I have been so unfair to you. I am really sorry. Rani says don’t say that. I only need your blessings and happiness on your face. Padmini hugs her. Padmini says but now.. I will introduce you with all the respect to everyone as the DIL of this house.

Veer comes back home. Malani says Veer introduce us to your wife now. Padmini brings Rani and says she is.. Rajeshwari comes and says I am here Padmini. I will handle things.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer says I never thought I would say this when I meet you after so many days, but showing Kiara as my wife was wrong. Rani is my wife and that’s the truth. Rajeshwari says if you go against me, I will leave this house forever.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2020
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