Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update


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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd December 2020 Ramo says Vijay say something. What is wrong? Vijay says Rani.. Ramo says what happened to Rani? Vijay says she’s fine. He says in heart how do I tell him she’s now married to Veer.

Veer comes to the room. It’s all decorated. He recalls Rajeshwari saying she is disappointed in him. Rani walks upstairs. She recalls Veer saying he did the accident. Veer breaks things in anger and cries. Rani comes. Veer says don’t even step ahead. Your greh parvesh is done in the house no in my life.

Sanjay says what happened wasn’t right. If Veer didn’t marry her, they would have killed them. Rajeshwari says I was wondering why haven’t started defending him yet. He says it’s different. She says you and your son are the same. Your son has a low-class mentality. My son would never do this. Sanjay shouts. She says don’t shout. If you defend him, bother to listen against him as well. I don’t like people who make mistakes. I forgave you because you were my own. He’s an outsider to me. Don’t force me, I might do something wrong.

Veer says it took me 28 years to hear son from her mouth and she did today. I was so happy. I wasn’t this happy. She held my hand and called me son. It made me so happy. I only kept thinking about it. She will only hate me now, I hate myself. It all happened because of me. I have hurt Kiara, Rani sa, our families all because of you. It was my mistake that I brought you in this house. I only hate you. Get out of here and never show me your face again.

Rani says hate? Hate me or yourself? You made my dad punish for your sin. You already killed us. Then why did you have to save my life from them? I didn’t ask you. Every father wants to see his daughter’s hairline being filled. The hairline you filled by force. I didn’t ask you. Did I? Veer says what do you want? Live in guilt that a girl was killed in front of me? And I didn’t do anything. Rani says you have no guilt that because of you someone else is in jail and you care about my death? I am dead anyway. You killed me half already. You knew I was trying to save my dad, then why didn’t you confess your crime? There’s only one person who is paying for your sins. My father is facing punishment for your sin. If you accepted your sin.. Veer says enough. This wedding wasn’t according to my will. But that accident and everything related to it is my decision and it will never change. You will never say it in front of me again. Now go from here. There’s no place for you in my life and room. He shuts the door. Veer sits inside the door and cries. Rani sits outside and cries.

Scene 2
Kiara locks her door. She breaks things in anger. Her dad says I will ruin their name and reputation. Her mom says think about your daughter only at the moment. We have to handle her. They say please open the door Kiara.

Kiara breaks Veer’s picture. Media calls Kiara and they ask her questions. Kiara throw away the phone. Kiara says how can you do this Veer? You left me for that maid. I loved you. Her parents come in. They hug Kiara. Her dad says I won’t leave them, Kiara says I lost from that maid mom. He left for that maid.

Rani walks downstairs and recalls what Veer said. She looks at the mandap. Rani recalls video calling Ramo. He said our feet should always be on the ground. Rani comes to servant quarter. Rani recalls Ramo’s word that a life partner is your soulmate. She recalls Veer saying I hate you. Veer cries in his room.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajeswahi says you will always be our maid.

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Telecast Date:2nd December 2020
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