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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd April 2021 Rani says Vikram left that night with the car. He was drunk. An inspector stopped him. And then he got a call. Then Rani sa went there. Veer says no one was there. Veer says I was driving. Rani says no you are not. You can’t change the truth. Rani went there to see vikram. She picked him and started driving. She was worried and he did.. Veer says nothing happened. I was there. Rani says stop lying. I know she didn’t do it intentionally but she did it. I have to tell police. Veer cries and says please I will die if she goes to jail. She gave me a new life. She’s my mother, my everything. You can’t tell police. Rani wipes his tears. Rani says people died. He says Rani sa can’t go to jail. She says then you will. I won’t let that happen. Veer says give me one day. You won’t tell anyone. Please. Rajeshwari comes there. She runs out.

Veer runs after Rajeshwari. She says the truth that was between you and me, now Rani knows. EVeryone will know. No one can stop me from going to jail. Veer says you won’t go anywhere. She says I did the accident. It was your engagement with Kiara. I was happy. Everyone was happy. Vikram was drunk and he went out. She says I got a call that Vikram was found somewhere drunk. I went there and started driving. He took out his seat belt. I was scared. I looked at him and the car met an accident. I was really scared. I didn’t want anyone to suffer but my family is most important to me. Then Ramo did this favor on me. rani’s words broke my heart but I am not mad. She’s right. Because of me 4 innocent people died. I faced good and bad times. I will go to jail tomorrow and face whatever happens. I can’t handle this anymore. Veer says I will fix everything. You won’t go anywhere. Rani promised me she won’t tell anyone. Please trust me, I am your son.. Rajeshwari wipes his tears and leaves. Jai recorded it all. He comes out laughing.

Jai collides with Champa and the phone falls from his hands. He holds it and says my lottery ticket. SHe says is it more important than me? He says yes. This has Rani’s destruction. Champa says how? Jai says if Veer asked Rani not to do anything yet it happens what will veer do? Champa says leave Rani. He says yes now I will take my revenge.

Scene 2
Rajeshwari cries in her room. She eats anti-anxiety meds. Sanjay says why are you eating this? I know you’re worried about Veer’s case. I know there’s a distance between us but we have to stand together. You’re my strength. You can’t be weak. You have done everything for Veer. There are chances Veer will be evicted. There are no proofs against him. Be strong. Take rest. He leaves. Rajeshwari says there’s only darkness around me. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

Rani calls Ramo and says problems aren’t ending at all. I don’t know what to do. He recalls what Veer said. Rani says I am losing either way. He says to choose the way your heart wants you to. Don’t worry about what you will get. Veer comes there. Rani says I will talk to you tomorrow. Veer says is Ramo okay? She says yes. He says does he need anything? Rani says no. He says please sleep. It’s late. Rani sleeps on the bed. Veer recalls what Rani said. He sits on the sofa. Veer recalls what Rajeshwari said. He says I know Rani you will be on my side.

Scene 3
Rani wakes up. She prays and says I know the truth but I don’t know whose side should I be on. Please help me. Vikram comes there and says our God is with us. I won’t let anything happen to Veer. I hope this case gets discarded. Everyone is in the hall. They all look at Veer. Vikram says why is everyone silent? Did someone die? Rajmata says what are you saying? He says smile then. Veer will come back with me. Let’s go.

Vijay and police come there. Everyone is shocked. Vikram says you here? He says we are sent by the court to arrest the criminal. Vikram says what? Veer is on bail. Sanjay what is the problem? He’s going to the court. He says found the proof. Rani says what proof? Rajmata says what is happening? Vikram says tell me who gave the orders? Vikram shows a hand cuff. Veer and Rajeshwari are standing together. He says you understand. Veer says in heart if Rani sa is safe, I can happily give up. Rajeshwari holds Veer’s hand. Nandini says no. Veer says I have go to. He extends his hand. Vijay looks at Rajeshwari and says Rani sa you’re under arrest. Everyone is shocked. Veer looks at Rajeshwari. He says what are you saying? vijay says I never thought I would have to do this but we have a proof against her. Sanjay says what proof? He says she killed those four people in the accident. Veer looks at Rani in anger. Vijay says we can’t ignore this proof. Veer says I am the one who did the accident. Arrest me. Rani sa won’t go anywhere. Vijay says we can’t ignore the law. Vikram sees the order. He’s shocked. Vikram says you can’t take mom. Veer stands in front of Rajeshwari. SAnjay says I will call the minister.

Vijay says see the proof. He shows the video Jai recorded. Everyone is shocked at Rajeshwari’s confessions. Nandini says this is a lie. Who sent you this video? He says we can’t tell you how we found it but we have to arrest her. They arrest Rajeshwari. Vikram says give me some time. Please I will fix it. Veer says I did the accident. Arrest me. Rajeshwari says Veer stop it. no one can stop me from going to jail. Veer says I won’t let you go. Rajeshwari says move aside. Police take Rajeshwari. Everyone is crying. She looks at the servants. Nandini cries. Rani is shocked. Veer looks at her.

Scene 4
Jai calls Naidni and says I know you’re upset. But I have to tell you something. rani did all this. She knew the truth and she made the video. She made Rajeshwari confess to Veer. Nandini is shocked. Champa sings in her room. Jai calls Champa. She says hello master mind. He says I sent the news to the right place. the drama is about to start.

Scene 5
People talk about Rajeshwari in the jail. Sanjay and Veer come there. VEer says Rani sa. She’s in prisoner uniform. Veer cries. Sanjay says Rajeshwari you hid this from us? But don’t worry, I will get you out of here. Rajeshwari says time doesn’t stop for anyone Veer. You did everything but this had to happen. Veer says nothing will happen. She says no one can change this truth and this is right. Veer says I won’t let you suffer. I will find out who’s behind all this. I am with you. He holds her hand.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd April 2021 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer tells his lawyer that he wants Rajeshwari out of jail at any cost. The lawyer says in that case he must sign the papers that says Rajeshwari took blame on her in order to save him. Rani is shocked.

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