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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 29th January 2021 Rani and Veer come to the college. The teacher says she was our most genius student but people always said she will become a maid like her dad. I am glad she has a husband like you. You’re supporting her education. Veer says where do I sign? He says here in the husband column. Write Rani’s full name. Rani Veer Rajawat. Write your name as well. Veer signs. Rani is happy. The teacher says when are you returning? Rani says today. She leaves. Rani says I am so happy. Babu ji would be so happy my form is filled. Come let me show you my real dream.

Vikram stops a car and says I need a break. She says we have to reach there. Vikram says I am tired. You only have to go there for charity. Why hurry? Or is there other plan? She says if you’re tired you sleep I will drive. Vikram sleeps. Kiara drives fast. Vikram falls asleep because Kiara mixed something in the water. Rani shows Veer around and says I can come here with closed eyes. My dad’s store will open here. Some people are having a fight there. Rani says what is happening here? This isn’t kabadi ground. This is our land. Rani says this is our land. Move from here. They laugh. He says give us the money. Go home and cook. Veer says what do you mean? The man says this land is ours now. Rani says this is my dad Ramo’s. They say he will stay in jail all his life. Rani says shut up. She shoves them. Veer says this is wrong. They laugh. Rani says call your brother I will kill him.

Scene 2
A man comes out of his car. He says I am here. I am baray bhaiya. Rani says you’re small actually. This is my land. He says you should contest in elections. We needed land for kabadi matches. Rani says this is my dad’s. Veer says let’s go home. He says buy other one. This is gone. Rani says I will teach you a lesson. The man says to Veer you look wise, ask her to go from here. Veer says to Rani this man won’t agree. Rani says this is our land. She says I want it back. Veer says get it the right way. Rani says I can’t leave it here. He says they can kill you. She will I will die anyway if I lose it. He says what was the advance? Rani says 8 lacs. He says I can buy any other land. She says the land is bought from the heart. Keep your money to yourself. This is my problem. He says what is wrong. She says my dad is in jail, this was his dream. All my dreams are shattered. This was the last thing left. Should I leave it as well? This was my grandfather’s land. Dadi had to sell it for money so I bought it back. It has his love. It has more value than your money. You didn’t even earn it yourself. Rani leaves. Veer says how do I get out of here?

Rani picks an axe and says I will kill you all. They laugh. Veer stops Rani. He says stop it. Veer says please calm down. What’s in this land that you want this only? Get another one. I have a deal for you. I will give you the money that you want for this land. The man says this is about my ego now. I won’t give it to anyone. Veer says you can’t take someone’s right for your ego. He says I have one condition for this land, play a kabadi match with my men. Veer says a kabadi match will decide the owner of this land? Accept it? Birju says accepted. Veer says are you crazy? He says in heart how will I answer Rani sa? Rani says if this is the way to bring our land back, I will play it.

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Telecast Date:29th January 2021
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