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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th March 2021 episode begins with Rani telling Veer that she has evidence and will not let him sacrifice for the real culprit. Veer says no matter what she cannot go to jail. Rani says “She”, which means Vikram is not the culprit but someone else from this house has done it. Rani thanks Veer and says that you have unknowingly helped me, now I am just one step away to find the real culprit. Veer says that he won’t let her take this one step. Rani is about to walk away when her mangal sutra gets stuck in Veer’s shirt. Veer says you know how it feels when someone you love goes to jail, why do you want me to suffer the same pain. He pleads and says that he cannot take it anymore. He begs her to give away her quest. Rani says that I understand but what you are doing is wrong. My father was innocent but you are trying to save the culprit. She adds that she has seen his father behind the bars, she wont be able to see him there. She walks away.

Rani bumps into Vikram. Vikram gives her the thread she was supposed to tie him. She ties the thread on his hand. She says that from now onwards you are not just my brother-in-law but also my brother. She asks him to help her find the real culprit. Vikram tells her that they will fight for Veer and save him at any cost. He says that this is my first case being nervous is obvious. So I put my hand on my heart and say, “Apna Time Ayega”.

Rajeshwari is worried as the next hearing is after Holi and she has no plan. She thinks that she will have to take a decision and that too now. Veer tells Rajeshwari that he will go to jail and she need not to worry. She says that I cannot sacrifice you to save someone. She says that she has decided, she will disclose the truth. Before the secret is exposed by itself, I will tell Police everything. Veer asks her not to call the Police and snatches her phone from her hand. He says that he promise that he will sort everything out. He asks her to trust him.

Rani calls Birju and asks him to find out the tea vendor again as she thinks he is hiding something. Rani’s father comes to Birju’s house and tells him that he is going to his paternal home as his mother is ill. He says that he will inform Rani once he will get hold of the situation.

Everyone in Rajawat family is worried for Veer and are sad. Rani comes and changes the ambiance by ordering the ingredients of sweets and asks the servants to get to the job. She says that she knows that you all are worried but I ensure you all that everything will be fine and Veer will not go to jail. She adds that they have the best lawyer in the town. Everyone joins the wave of the festival.

Next day morning starts with the family praying to the Goddess. Everyone asks for what they want. Veer prays that he goes to jail. Rani also prays that Veer shall stay safe and the real culprit should be apprehended. Kumud is asked to bring the thali for Holi. Raj Mata puts the color tika on the forehead of the family members and says this is how they play Holi. Rani decides to show them the real holi. She throws color at them. Kiara lashes out at her and says what have you done. Vikram puts color on Kiara’s face aswell and from there onwards, everyone accepts Rajeshwari and Veer starts to play Holi the way it should be.

Jai Singh also joins the party and tries to play Holi with Rani. Veer comes to her aid and asks Rani to get the special color for Jai Singh. Rani puts the black color on Jai Singh’s face. Veer says that it suits you. Nandani gets scared to see Jai Singh painted black and she runs away. Vikram instigates Rani to put color on Veer. Veer resists but Rani being Rani runs behind him. Raj Mata tries to intervene and says that leave him as he must be tensed about tomorrow. Veer decides to play Holi to keep up the spirit of the festival. They all paint the sky in the colors of Holi.  Veer sees Rajeshwari tensed and ensures her that everything will be fine. She says that she is scared for tomorrow. She says whatever the decision be tomorrow, she is going to lose anyway. Vikram comes in between the conversation and takes him away.

Rani tells Rajeshwari that she has heard her conversation with Veer and knows that she also knows the real culprit. She asks her to tell the name of the real culprit as she also wants to save Veer. She says how dare you to talk to me like this. Rajeshwari asks her to stay within her limits. She says that your status is that of a servant and you should think about only serving nothing else. Rani receives call from Birju, she tells him to find the evidence. He says that he has found the real culprit with evidence.

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Telecast Date:26th March 2021
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