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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th March 2021 Rani has not eaten anything since morning and as a result, she faints. Luckily Veer was there to take care of her. He lifts her up in his arms and says this is why he was telling her to stay at home and take a rest. Veer can see how much she is trying to prove him innocent. He instructs the tea vendor to keep his mouth shut and also gives him money. He also tells him to leave the city. He brings Rani home and lays her on the bed. Rani is still blabbering in her sleep saying she knows that Veer has not done anything wrong and she will prove him innocent. Veer says he will also take care of her.

The next morning, Rani wakes up and recalls what happened last night and wonders how she reached home. Veer gives her some medicine and asks her to take proper rest for some days. She asks if she fainted last night. She blames Veer for mixing something in the chutney. Veer says that she thinks too much and he does not like it. He adds that if he wanted to drug her then he would have told her in advance cause they share that kind of relation. Rani says that if he cares so much about her then why is he not telling her the name of the real culprit. . He says neither he will tell her the name nor will let her reach that person. He adds that once he will go to jail then every problem will be solved. Rani says she will never let it happen. She recalls her conversation with Birju and the conversation between Rajeshwari and Vikram.

Vikram confronts Dikvijay for cheating on his mother. Dikvijay accepts his mistake but Vikram says that Veer and Rajeshwari deserve to know the truth. Raj Mata stops him and says that this must be kept a secret as it is best for the family. Birju calls Rani and asks what happened last night as he can’t remember anything. He also apologizes to her for his behavior. Rani wonders if Vikram also forgot the details of the accident because he was also drunk.

Birju brings the tea vendor to Rani and tells her that he was about to leave the city. The tea vendor finally admits the truth and confirms that it was Vikram who he saw that night. She is shocked to know this. Rani tells Veer that no matter how hard he tries he will not be able to alter the truth and that the real culprit should go to jail. Veer says he won’t let that happen.

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Telecast Date:25th March 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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