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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th September 2021 Rani cries and says what has happened. She cries. Vijaya says what are you doing here? She says they were old acquaintaces. Got emotional? Rani says yes. A woman says the MIL just died and she has shown her true colors. What kind DIL is she? Vijaya says what DIL is she talking about? Rani says about Veer’s wife. She’s not even here. So much happened. Vijaya puts cloth on Rajeshwaru’s face and says no one egoistic like you would be born again. Good bye. Rajmata cries. Veer and Vikram pretend to cry. rajeshwari says this sheet is so dirty.

Vijaya asks Kajri why do I feel like I’ve seen you before. Rani says I hope she hasn’t recognized Saloni. Rani says her face is common. Let’s go. Veer says Mausi sa I can come on job after the funeral. She says you can take money too and I will deduct from your salary. She leaves with Rani. Vijaya says I came to have fun here seeing Rajeshwari’s condition. I feel empty now. Who will I fight now? Let’s go. Rani says you see what’s next.

Scene 2
Rani is asleep at night. Vijaya wakes up and says who turned the AC off. She turns on the light but it doesn’t turn on. Someone claps. Vijaya says who is it? Come in front of me. I will cut you into pieces. The lights spark. Vijaya says who is here. What’s happenng. She sees Rajeshwari in the mirror and screams. Vijaya screams Sooraj.. save me. Rani and Sooraj come in. Rani says why are you shouting? She says Rajeshwari was here. Rajeshwari is hidden behind the door. Sooraj says but she died right? Rani says no one is here. Vijaya says I told you she’s here. Rani says I think you’re in shock. Vijaya says I am not crazy. She’s here. Sooraj says who is here? Come out. Rani says I think if you saw it it must be a ghost. Vijaya is scared. Sooraj says I am not scared of any ghost. Come out. Who is teasing my mom? He says maa no one is here. It’s your doubt.

Rani touches Vijaya. She screams. Vijaya says don’t give me a heart attack. rani says was she wearing the same saree? Vijaya says why? I am saying she’s here. She says I can’t sleep here. Can I sleep in your room Sooraj? He says yes come maa. They leave. Rajeshwari says seeing Vijaya scared is so much fun. She collides with a vase. Sooraj and Vijaya stop. Sooraj is scared. Vijaya says go in and check. Rani says there is somoene in the kitchen. Vijaya says ghost? Sooraj says there’s no such thing. Let me check. He goes out. Rajeshwari sneaks out from there.

Sooraj says no one is here maa. It’s all your imagination. Come let’s sleep.

Scene 3
Rajeshwari comes to Shanti’s room. She says come sit Rani sa. Should I get you green tea? She gives her water. Rajeshwari recalls she used to insult them. She gives her tea. Rajeshwari says thank you Shanti. You are loyal to me even without money. Veer says Rani sa you did so well. She says it was fun seeing her scared. Rani says she was shivering. I don’t think she would be able to sleep. Rajeshwari says what’s the plan? Veer says we will keep her scared and get everything back. Rani says her fear will make her do it.

Scene 4
Rajeshwari can’t sleep at night. Sooraj says maa.. no one is there. you should sleep. Vijaya says I saw Mithu myself. She was scaring me. Rani also saw her. Sooraj says you made her see it. Stay strong. Vijaya says keep the lights off. He says good night ma. He sleeps. Vijaya is scared.

Rani gives a blue saree to Rajeshwari and says time for round 2. Vijaya is asleep. She hears someone walking. She sees smoke coming in her room. Vijaya says what is happening here. She says Sooraj was right. I should face my fear. Vijaya says I will be fine. Rajeshwari can’t do anything. She opens the door. Rajeshawri sees Rani’s back and says it’s Radhika. She says what are you doing here at this hour? She sees Rani’s face backwards. RAni’s eyes are red. Vijaya asks who are you? She says Mithu. All of this is of no use to me. I have in a far away land. But I will bring you to me and take my revenge. Vijaya screams and cries. Rajeshwari goes in and replaces Rani. Vijaya screams. She says your sins are over. No one can save you now.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani scares Vijaya. Veer disguises as a tantrik baba and enters the house.

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Telecast Date:24th September 2021
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