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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th November 2020 Rajeshwari gets the dress ready and sends it to Kiara’s place. Veer comes to Rajeshwari and says don’t worry, everything is under control. Rajeshwari holds his hand. Rajmata is shocked. Sanjay says this moment must be captured. Rajeshwari says not a big deal. He says where did you go? Veer says there was some work. Sanjay says Pandit ji is here, everything is ready.

We have to go to the temple as well for pooja. You look tensed. Veer says no I am fine. Rani says to Ramo why don’t you tell Vijay that you Kunwa sa did the accident. Veer did it. Ramo says don’t lie. Veer didn’t do anything. Rani says tell everyone. Ramo says please calm down. Rani says now you will clean blood for them as well? Open the lock. Vijay says Rani what are you doing. Rani tries to break the lock. Vijay says you can’t do this here. rani says there’s no difference between right and wrong. Veer should have been in this jail no my dad. Vijay is shocked. Rani says Veer came there not Jai. Arrest him. Vijay says I can’t arrest him without proof. Rani says there was no proof against my dad either. Why is he arrested? Vijay says it’s different. rani says the only thing different is the money but I won’t settle for it. Whoever did it will pay for it. Rani says I won’t let anyone do this injustice to my dad. I will give him a taste of his own medicine. Rani leaves. Ramo says leave her Vijay.

Scene 2
Veer’s pooja is going on. He vows to be a good husband and take care of his married life. Sanjay says Veer you’re lost. All okay? Veer says all okay. Vikram he’s tensed because the temple he’s going for pooja, they are very strict. Nandani says they hit people if they get mad. Rajmata says they are strict with their rules. Like an unmarried girl can’t go in there. Only married girls go there with their husbands.

Rani is going towards Veer. Champa tries to stop her but she doesn’t. Rani says to Veer I have to talk to you. Sanjay says can’t you see servants can’t come in my pooja. Champa says go from here Rani. Rani says I won’t go anywhere. Sanjay says go from here. Veer says papa please, let me handle. You can talk to me but don’t create drama.

Scene 3
Ramo recalls what Rani said. He recalls the accident. Rajeshwari did the accident but Ramo took her place. Ramo said I will take the blame and won’t let anything happen to your family name.

Rani says to Veer you did the accident right? Veer says yes I did. Now go from here. She says I will go but take you with me. Come to jail and confess your crime. Veer says are you out of your mind? Rani sa is right. People like you cross their limits. Ramo was a servant here, it doesn’t matter to anyone if he lives in a house, road or jail. If a man of my reputation goes to jail our family and Rani sa’s name would be defamed. He will stay in jail for a few years and then will be out. He will earn a lot more than he did in 20 years. I guarantee to reduce his duration. Then go do whatever you want. I won’t let you ruin my wedding and Rani sa’s name. Now leave. Rani says you will have to go to jail. For a man like you, my dad won’t live in jail. She drags him. Veer shoves her. rani falls down. Veer signs a cheque. He says you like numbers, right? Put any number in it. But I won’t let you ruin my family name. Now leave. Rani is shocked. She recalls Veer being nice to her.

Rani says he brought you up and you want to prove him a culprit now? I was wrong that I considered you a good human and couldn’t see the demon in you. You keep your money and pride. This can’t silence me. Veer says do what you want. I don’t care. He leaves. Rani cries. Champa overheard everything. Jai calls her. He says I was kicked out of the house but I am still your master. Why weren’t you picking my call? She says I heard Rani and Veer were talking about Ramo. Proofs, won’t sit silent or something.

Rajeshwari says to Rani who will do the work? Rani says I can’t do all this. Rajeshwari says your drama has started again. Rani says you promised me babu ji will get justice. But he’s still in jail and the real culprit is roaming around. Rajeshwari says what are you saying? Rani says this is true. I don’t know if you know or not. But my babu ji is innocent. Veer did that accident.

Episode ends.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Jai calls Rani and says if you want to know what happened at Jori bazar that night meet me a suhagan ka teela temple. Rani comes there. Veer is also there. Arti falls from Rajmata’s hand. Pandit ji says something really bad is going to happen.

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Telecast Date:24th November 2020
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