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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd October 2020 Policeman says he’s a criminal. He killed three people.

Before few hours
Rani said to the servants my babu ji will grow big. He will have his own shop. Kaki says dreams should be seen as the worth. A servant is a servant. They can never say no. This uniform is the chain of your life. We never move ahead of it. We can never say no. This is our reality. Ranisa gave us all this. Rani says our time will come. Kaki says our time comes when when die. Rani says your son became kotual. She says Ranisa made him that. She won’t let your dad go. Rani says I will talk to Rani sa and take him with me.

Rani calls babu ji and says where did you go? He says to get you a gift. We have to go to the village tomorrow. She says yayy did she agree? Babu says she was mad but then she agreed.

Scene 2
Veer’s dad says to Veer are you happy? He says Rani sa’s happiness is mine. He says I know you’re always worried that Ranisa doesn’t love you as much as she loves Nandani and Vikram. He says I was an orphan you made me who I am. There’s a weird void in my life. Veer says 28 years passed, she never shouted at me but it felt like I had to go through a punishment, I don’t know when will it be over. Dad says always say what’s in your heart. Have this ice cream and enjoy life.

Rani is worried. The night is gettnig dark. Rani says it’s 9:30, where is dad? She says why is my heart so worried. Her paper falls from her hand. tinku picks it. She says I am really scared. Something wrong is gonna happen. It is raining. Ramo comes in. Rani says where were you? Police man hits him. Rani says he’s my dad. What are you doing? Inspector says he’s a criminal. He was drunk and driving he killed 3 people. Rani says no leave my dad please. He can never harm anyone.

Inspector brings him to the hall. He says Ramo was drunk. He drove over 4 people and killed 3. Everyone is shocked. Kaki says he doesn’t ever drink. Inspector says it was him, we will know once we do the investigation. Rani says he can never do that. Veer says Ramo, what is your truth? Rajeshwari says is this true? Will you stain our name? He says I.. Ramo gets a call from hospital. It’s an emergency. He rushes to the hospital. Inspector says we have to arrest him. rani hugs him and cries. She says you didn’t do anything. Ramo hugs Tinku and Rani. He cries. Ramo says can I talk to my daughter? He says yes. Ramo says to Rani I got this bracelet for you. Keep it safe. Don’t know this could be the last gift. Never be scared. You’re my strength. You are Rani. Rani says don’t say all that. Ramo says take care of yourself and educate yourself. Do what you have always done. Always say your time will come. Inspector takes him away. Ramo hugs Rani and Tinku. Rani cries. Rani sits down and cries. Kaki picks him.

Scene 3
Rajeshwari asks Champa was there a lot of work? She says it was the same. Rajeshwari says then where is my green tea? Champa says we were lost in things today. Rajeshwari says we have nothing to do with that. Her husband says Rajeshwari, Ramo had to go through so much. He gave 20 years to this life. You care about your green tea? She says my family and my rules are most important for me. Ramo worked here for money. We kept him as a member of this house as a servant. The pain in your eyes for a servant, I can understand that. My eyes were also wet because of that accident. I understand your pain more than you. He says where you going? She says where I should I know my priorities.

Rani cries. She says Arun please do something. HE says I can’t believe Ramo could do this. Champa says Vijay is saying he drank. Rani says he never drank. Rani recalls her moments with him.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani says my babu ji can never do this sin. I will ask truth from him. She goes to Ramo and asks what’s the truth? He tells her everything.

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Telecast Date:23rd October 2020
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