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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 22nd September 2021 episode starts with RAni says I need to go back. Vijaya holds her hand. Rani says Sooraj leave my hand. It’s Vijaya. She says you don’t understand language of love. Now I will keep you in my room locked as long as Sooraj wants. Rani says what are you doing? Leave my hand. Veer comes in. Vijaya says what are you doing here?

Rani is worried. Vijaya says what are you doing here? Who let you come in? Can’t you listen? Put your eyes down. Veer sits in her feet and says Mausi sa I need work. Please give me a job. Vijaya says so much respect to me? He says I have realized I can’t mess with you. My family needs money. I will do what you ask. Vijaya says is Rajeshwari in trouble too? Veer says yes. He says you have such a big house. Let me be your servant. Rani says in heart what an acting. Vijaya says I am giving you a job. What can you do? He says I can drive or cook. She says go be my cook. Make Daal tarka and tea. Veer says in heart I couldn’t let Rani be in trouble. I want to break their faces.

Rani says I should go. Vijaya says where? Rani says I have to go to my husband. Vijaya says he’s not in this city and my son needs you. You will stay here. Rani says can I get water at least? I will think about your offer. Sooraj says let her maa.

Scene 2
Rani comes to Veer. She smiles. Rani says what’s the plan? He says doing what you said. Veer says I saw what Vijaya was doing to you. I can’t leave you alone with these people. Rani says but.. He says you asked me to trust you. You could involve me. Let me protect you now. I can’t leave you alone here.

Sooraj looks for Rani. Rani says I know I shouldn’t have hid things from you. But you can’t get yourself stuck here. I need sometime to get signature on property papers. Sooraj says where is Radhika? They hide. Veer says I can’t leave you alone here. I know what you’re saying. Rani says when we are fighting together, can we forget what happened. Sorry. He says I know what you did was for our family. You shouldn’t have hid things from me. Rani says if I told you, would you let me do it? We both know your anger.

Scene 3
Shanti gives tea to Veer and says give it to Vijaya. She says you worked so hard to become a doctor. Veer says no job is small. Vijaya says I feel so good using him as my servant. Sooraj says you brother their ego. Vijaya says we need to bring that Rajeshawri on line too. Sooraj says they will all be in your feet.

Rani comes and says Vijaya ji you are so wise. Vijaya says you change colors. Rani says you were right. I thought with a cool mind and thought I will stay here. Your love and respect made me stay. Vijaya says you decided right. Veer brings the tea. Vijaya throws it in his feet and says couldn’t you ask if I want elaichi or not? You wasted milk. Veer says sorry I will be careful bext time. Rani gets angry.

Scene 4
Nandini does dishes. Champa says how times have changed. There was a time with Rajawat family had everything. You have become a maid here and your family is living a poor life. These are people’s curses. Nandini says time changes. My family will get their house and respect back. I know my bhabhi sa. She will do it for them. She did the same with you. She will get what ours back. Champa says keep dreaming. I am living my dreams.

Rajmata says Veer will call don’t worry Rajeshwari. She recalls Veer told his plan to her. Rajmata said you should help her as a husband and be there for her. Rajmata says in heart I can’t tell you Rajeshwari where Veer is. I hope they both succeed.

Veer cleans the tables. Sooraj says come here. I told you don’t mess with me. Now go and bring me cold water. Rani says in heart I need to teach him a lesson. Rani says he looks like a hero. Sooraj says what? Rani says he did such a big sacrifice for his family. He says I also made a painting for my mom and got her things from USA. She says got her things from her own money? He says what should I do to become a hero? She says you should cook food for your mom today. Sooraj says okay I will cook but I can’t.. Rani says you can’t cook? He says I am not that good at it. Rani says I will help you. Rani says in heart now you both see what I do.


Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vijya tells Rani that the land deal is cancelled from her side. She was only buying it to make Rajeshwari jealous/frustrated. Her purpose already met with Veer working in her house as a servant. Rani gets tensed.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
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