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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 22nd January 2021 Veer says I want to talk to you about something. It’s very important. She says but dadi maa.. He says try to understand. It’s very important. I came here.. Dadi says I have to do Veer’s arti and welcome him. She says come in Veer. Sorry Veer if she doesn’t talk to you well. I am so happy to see you. She says to Rani go stand with Veer I will do your arti. That’s your place. Rani stands with Veer and dadi does their arti. She says Ram and Sita’s couple. Dadi asks them to enter the house together.

Scene 2
Rajmata says you have crossed all limits Rajeshwari. You left this house, because of you Sanjay fell sick, and you crossed all limits today. Sanjay says it’s okay maa sa. She says you won’t have a complaint again maa sa. Sanjay says Rajeshwari I know you are in pain but it was your decision to accept Veer as your son. She says that was my biggest mistake and I am paying for it. Dadi serves food to Veer. She says Rani why didn’t you tell me he was coming? I would have arranged so many things. She says Rani you also get dressed in saree. He dresses so well. Rani says clothes don’t make you big. They serve Veer with a lot of things. A man polishes his shoes. Veer feels awkward. They wash his feet. Dadi says it’s our ritual. She makes him eat sweets. A woman brings him laddus. Rani laughs at Veer. He has to eat all of the food.

Dadi says does Rani tease you? Tell me. He says she’s okay. Dadi says how is Ramo? Rani says he’s fine. Don’t worry. Everyone takes care of me. Dadi says I couldn’t even be part of your wedding. A woman says we can celebrate now. Rani says what are you saying? I am married already. Dadi says but we will do our rituals. If Veer doesn’t mind. Rani says but tomorrow not today. Veer recalls what Rajeshwari said. He says to Rani I have to talk to you. She says this is my house. Don’t be angry. He says it’s important. Rani says I will postpone the rituals don’t worry. She asks all neighbors to go. Dadi says let me arrange your room. Rani says I will help you.

Scene 3
Dadi says the room is ready. This sheet is completely new. Dadi says he looks worries. Rani says he’s just tired. Dadi says just 5 minutes, then she’s with you all night in the room. You can talk to her. Rani says one room? Dadi says he’s your husband. Obviously you will sleep with him. Veer sits in a corner. She says let’s go Pinku. Rani comes to Veer. Veer recalls Ramo saying to help her continue her education and Rani talking about her dreams. Rani says we are here for two days only, spend happily. We have to go back then. She says dadi sent this haldi. Yoi are not going back. You will stay here. Rani is shocked.

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Telecast Date:22nd January 2021
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