Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st October 2020 Written Episode Update


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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st October 2020 Rani had fainted. Veer takes her in his car.

Meal is served at Rajeshwari’s place. Rajmata comes as well. Her sons comes as well. They sit on the table. Ramo says the presentation is ready. Rajeshwari says well done. She tastes the food and says add more garlic paste. She looks at empty plate and sees a hair in it. Everyone is scared. She says don’t get too much into presentation Ramo that you forget the basics. Call all servants here. Rajmata says don’t be so mad at them that they leave use one day. Rajeshwari says they are not doing a favor on us. officers earn less than what these people get as bonus on Diwali. I will never let any dirt get into my house. That is my I chose a DIL who is loaded in gold. She will enter our house. Veer enters the house with Rani in her arms. Rajeshwari says her nolakha will brighten up this house. She will match our status.

Veer enters the house. His manager says why did you bring her here? I know she came in front of your car. I will handle her. You get ready for your function. She brings her to the servant quarter and asks her brother to stay with her. He goes out to drink water.

Scene 2
At the evening, Rani opens her house. she is scared where am I? Rani says I hope I am in India. Why did that man bring me here? Where is Tinku? She looks around for Tinku.

The party starts. A guy is drinking. Veer sits with him and says stop it. You know maa doesn’t like it. He says it’s your engagement. Nandani (their sister) comes and says I knew you will be here. He says you people don’t want to see me happy. Rani comes in looking for Tinku. Rajeshwari enters the house. Rani sees her dad working as a servant there. Rani looks for her dad. She says where did babu ji go. She collides with a girl. The girl says you idiot, you ruined my hair. Rani says wow you look so good. I am rani. The girl says Idiot and leaves.

Light turns off. Rani sits on a sofa. The spotlight gets on her. rani says what is this light? The sofa moves. Rajeshwari says we are so happy. Another renowned family is going to be a part of our family now. Let’s welcome our DIL to be, Kiara Raguwanshi.

A sofa comes floating there covered. Rani is inside it. He comes off the sofa and falls. Veer holds her hand. Everyone is shocked. Nandani says who are you? She says Rani. Rajmata says who Rani? Rani takes her blessings. She says I have heard a lot about you. My dadi looks like you as well. Vikram laughs and says she’s funny. Rani says to Nandani you speak english so well. Your nose used to run in childhood. Rani touches Rajeshwari’s feet and says you.. Three ranis under one roof. You, me and Mata Rani. Kiara comes. She says sorry baby I am late. Let’s do the ring ceremony. He says it’s lost. Rani calculates angles and finds out the ring. She gives to Kiara. Rajeshwari says enough. Who are you? She looks at her dad and says babu ji. She hides behind Ramo. Rajeshwari says who is she? Ramo says she’s my daughter Rani. Veer says to Rajeshwari, let me handle this. He says Ramo kaka take her from here.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani says will I be even successful? Ramo says you will fly. Rajeshwari says dreams should be a seen in accordance with your worth. Wear you uniform.

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Telecast Date:21st October 2020
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