Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st September 2021 Sooraj says to Rani come, I don’t like waiting. Rajmata prays. Rani gets the temple ready. She gets emotional. Rani says to Vijya let’s go get the idol. She says you stay here I will get it. Vijya goes to get the idol. Rajmata hides. Vijya says Kanha I got you locked and now you’re forcing me to do your pooja. She brings it to the temple. Rani places it in. Rani says do the pooja. Sooraj follows her. Sooraj holds Rani’s pallu in the pooja. He smells it. Veer sees it and gets angry. Rajmata stops him and says this will increase her problems.

Rani realizes. She sees him in the mirror and pulls it. Rani turns of fan and some powder goes in his eyes. Rajmata says she can handle things. Don’t worry.

Scene 2
Champa comes to Jai’s house. He says Champa.. He says what are you doing there? She says Vijya kicked me out. He says so? Champa says I have no one. Where would I go? He says go anywhere. My wife will see you. She says I have helped you a lot. Time to return your favors. Nandini and I are the same. You have made her like a maid as well and her family lives in a chawl. He says you have become wise.

Scene 3
Rani wonders how to get everyone out. Rani blows the candles. Vijya says why are you doing that? Rani says Kanha ji was born in a dark room. We should turn off the lights and do the pooja. Sooraj says she’s right. We should do that. I will turn off the lights. Vijya does pooja. Veer and everyone tries to sneak out. Rani says let’s put parsed there as well. Vijya says I will have to cook. Rani says I will help you. Sooraj says so will I.

Veer asks Mausa and Rajmata to leave. He says I will bring Rani from here. Something is fishy. Mausa says she’s smart. She can come out on her own. Rani says let’s make Halwa. Sooraj says she’s right. His phone rings. Vijya asks where are things? Rani tells her in the second cabit. Vijya asks how do you know? Rani says I told you I came here every year and I cooked the bhoog. Vijya says is your name Chandika or you can be called something else? Rani says my name is.. Ra.. Radhika. Vijya says what do you do? She says I go to college.

Scene 4
Veer says I can’t leave Rani alone here. Something is off here. Mausa ji says if Rajmata didn’t stop you, you would have ruined things with your anger. Come with us. Rani can handle herself. Veer says she has suffered a lot. Not anymore. Please understand. I will bring her back. Rajmata says you handle.

Veer looks at Sooraj and recalls him flirting with Rani. Sooraj kisses Rani’s photo in the phone. He gets angry. Vijya says what my son see in this girl? I have to get her to him but I know how to use these poor people. She says my son is not well in studies but I know he listens to you. Can you teach him? I will pay you 20k. Rani says sure, I will. Rani says that’s the perfect way to get into this house and take everything back.

Sooraj is about to kiss Rani’s photo. Veer throttles Sooraj from the back.

Episode ends.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer beats up Sooraj. Sooraj screams for help. Vijya comes there with Rani. Vijay tells Veer how dare he to get into her house and hit her son. Veer says that Sooraj was misbehaving with Rani. Rani looks on.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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