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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st February 2021 Baray bhaya reach the match. Everyone cheers for him. The host says the winner of this match will get the land. Baray bhaya’s team tease Rani’s team. Rani says don’t be afraid of them. Pinku says but they are all professional players. What will we do in front of them? Rani says you win from the mind, not the body. We need to play wisely not with physical strength only. One person doesn’t reach the venue so Rani is one person short. She is worried. Pinku saysb we can call Veer. Birju says how can he play kabadi? He ran away anyway. Rani says shut up don’t say these things about Veer. He doesn’t know how to play. Birju says don’t worry. Our player would come. Dadi pryays for Rani.

Veer says I can’t go against Rani sa’s decision. Vikram says how can you be so emotional? You can’t leave Rani her like this. How can you be so heartless? You can’t choose Rani sa’s wrong decision over Rani. Veer says I can’t take any risks when it comes to rain sa. Veer says I don’t care about Rani anyway.

Scene 2
Rani is waiting for the team member. The host says if the match doesn’t start in a few monitues. Baray Bhaya’s team will win automatically. He starts counting 10.. 9.. Rani says she I can’t lose Ramo’s land. Rani starts walking away hopeless, Veer comes there. Veer says I will be the last member. Rani is shocked and teary. Rani sees Vikram and Kiara there. Rani asks Vikram you here? He says yes I am here to see the match. Vikram asks Kiara to sit but she says this place is so weird. Vikram says to Rani don’t worry about anything now, Veer is there for you. He will make you win.

The match begins. Baray bhaya’s team takes the lead. Veer starts beating them. baray bhaya’s is angry. Everyone cheers for Veer and Birju’s team work. Rani is satisfied. Baray bhaya’s team starts bullying and provoking Birju. Birju falls for their trap and falls. Rani is worried because Birju is out.

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Telecast Date:1st February 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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