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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st December 2020 Rajeshwari says get out of my house. Don’t ever show me face again. Rani and Veer stand up. Rajeshwri says didn’t you hear? Get out. Rajmata says stop Rajeshwari. She was about to slap rani. You can’t touch her. Rajmata says I am also hurt. I know what happened was wrong but what you’re doing is wrong as well. Nandani says no dadi, this girl should have been kicked out the first day. Bhai when you said Jai isn’t the right guy for me, I called it off. Even though I accepted him. Kiara loved him. Imagine how much would she be hurt. Rajmata says I am also upset. I will talk to Kiara’s parents. Rajeshwari says no just meet, we will bring her in this house as a DIL. This maid won’t decide the value of our word.

Let me handle this. Rajmata says not today. For a Rajput nothing is more important than anyone’s life. Veer did this marriage to save Rani’s life. Even if we don’t want this marriage, we can’t step back from it. rajeshwari says so you want us to accept this maid as our DIL? Rajmata says yes I am serious. Everyone is shocked. Rajmata says this isn’t a joke. Veer married her. Veer is wise that he stopped the wedding with Kiara. They are tied for life, and now we will have to respect that. Rajeshwari says sidnur, pheray my foot. I can’t even tolerate her for a second.

Vikram says mom look at them. They weren’t happy about it. They have suffered enough already. Rajeshwari says Vikram you stay quiet. These low-class people, Sanjay says come on Rajeshwari. It’s about something else. Rajmata says I have let you take all the decisions since you came to this house. I have always supported you and respected you. My MIL welcomed and then I welcomed you. Now you will have to welcome her. Everyone is shocked. Rajeshwari says Rajmata you can’t force me. Rajmata says I am the elder of this house and I decide what happens here. Kumud, prepare for greh parvesh.

Scene 2
Champaa says this girl trapped Veer in just 20 days. Shanti says I can’t digest this either. Champa says she planned all this. She was always after Veer. Arun says she wanted to study. Something must have happened. Kumud says what is happening here? Do your work.

Scene 3
Rani and Veer come in for grehparvesh. Champa says now this girl will become the DIL of Royal house? Rani sa will kick her out. Rajmata says Rajeshwari your anger is hurting our rituals. None of us can break the rules of this house. Do arti of bride and groom. Rajweshwari puts tilak on Veer’s forehead. She puts it on Rani’s head as well. Kumud says hit the kalash and do greh parvesh. Rani enters the house. Kumud puts red color in her feet.

Rani enters the house. Rajeshwari is angry. She tries to touch Rajeshwari’s feet. Rajeshwari steps back. The color falls. Rajeshwari says this happens when dirt enters the house. Who will clean it? She shouts. Rani says let me clean it. She tries to clean the color. Rajmata says the relations have changed, your respect is the same. She’s your DIL now, you also respect her and give her respect. Rajeshwari says she is still a servant for me. My blessings aren’t so cheap that I will give them to servants. You wanted me to do the ritual, that I did.

Rani and Veer touch Rajmata’s feet. She gives them blessings. They touch Sanjay’s feet. He gives them blessings as well. rajmata says no one will talk about what happened today. If anyone has questions, end them here today.

Kumud says to Rani you’re still here? Go your room. Rani says why are you talking to me like that? She says you’re Veer’s wife and this house’s DIL now. So we have to respect now. You haev to be strong.

Scene 4
Vijay comes to station. Ramo says what is happening at the house Vijay? Is Rani okay? She wants to get Veer behind the bars. Vijay says how do I tell him Rani is now married. Ramo says he’s hiding something.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer breaks things in anger. He cries and says because of Kiara Rani sa became close to me and because of this marriage Rani sa will go away from me. rani enters the room. Veer shouts because of you Rani sa has gone away from me. Go from here, I don’t want to see your face. There is no space for you in my room and life. Rani cries outside the room.

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Telecast Date:1st December 2020
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