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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st April 2021 Rani has found a bill of just one earring and she realizes that if she somehow finds the owner of the bill then she can find the real culprit. Veer sees Birju and realizes that he is helping Rani to find the culprit. He sees Rani handing the bill over to Birju and decides to stop them. He calls Birju insides but Rani resists. He says that we understand that Rani is your friend but we also can’t let a guest leave without inviting him inside the house. Rani understands the Veer is up to something. Veer thinks that he has no other option than to stop Rani.

Rani says that she will bring something for him to eat. Veer says that she doesn’t know how to cook. She says that she will make parathas anyways for Birju. Veer says that he will also eat and says that he will wait with Birju here in the hall. Rani thinks that Veer has played it smart but she will also somehow deliver the bill to Birju. She somehow makes some ugly half-burnt parathas and puts the bill inside one of the paratha. Veer takes the plates from her hand and gives the wrong plate to Birju. She stops veer and says that he will get a new paratha for him. Just when Veer is about to have his first bite she screams of pain. Veer rushes to her aid while Birju switches the paratha. Birju rolls the paratha and says that he will take the paratha to his home and will eat it there with picle. He leaves.

Veer asks Rani to sit and tells her that the paratha is perfect. She takes the plate from his hand and says that it is burnt. You are a nice person and only good should happen to you. Veer asks her to give away her quest but she denies it.

The next day, Birju goes to the jewelry shop and shows him the bill. He enquires about the earing. He says that she came to get it made and never came back. When Birju asks for the name he says that he can’t take her name from his mouth. Birju says that he found the bill on the road and he is such a fan he wants to return it to them. He shows home the photo of the family and asks him to point to the photo if he cannot say the name. He points at a lady and says she is the one. Birju is surprised to finally find out the culprit. He calls Rani and tells her that the lady who came to get the earring made is…..( the audio was muted to keep the suspense) Rani is in shock, Veer asks what happened but she says nothing. Then she says that this means Vikram went outside intoxicated that night. He met a constable who asked him not to drive. Then she reached there. Veer says no, I was driving the car that night. She says he was right, she would have done the same thing if she was in his place. She continues and says that she knows that she tried helping Vikram and while looking after him Rani sa met with an accident.

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Telecast Date:1st April 2021
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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