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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 19th February 2021 Rani asks Kumud did you pick the photos? You were in those photos with a child. Kumud is shocked. She goes where Rani kept the photos. But Rajmata already took them. She’s shocked. She says these are Veer’s childhood photos. What is he doing with Kumud? Rajmata says this means Kumud is Veer’s mom.

Everyone asks Veer to give a rose to rani. Vikram says don’t be shy. Veer looks Rani. He gives her the rose. Rani feels shy. She takes the rose. Someone shouts stop.. It’s Kiara. Everyone looks at her. Kiara looks angry. She walks towards them. Kiara takes the rose and says what nonsense? You’re giving her the flower? She’s fooling you. This is the only mine. She deserves only pricks. blo*dy witch. Veer says Kiara.. Please control yourself. You can’t react this awy. She says what about Rani doing all this? You are only mine. Only I have right on you. She came between us.

Vikram says Kiara you’re drunk. Let’s go from here. He takes her to the side. Kiara says you better not talk about drinking. And you.. What magic have you done on people Rani? You’re stupid. Why do people like her then? Nandini says relax. Kiara says you’re doing this drama of being nice. You are a liar and a theif. You took everything from me. Veer gets angry. She says you said you don’t want to be the DIL of this house.. Then why are you doing this drama? Vikram says enough Kiara. Let’s go. Kiara says what’s her worth? This worthless girl will become a royalty? What’s her worth. She’s low class. She will ruin the name of the Rajawat family. Vikram her outside.

Rani says I think she drank a lot. Don’t worry, it happens. Kiara is a princess. She has a nice heart. Veer says Rani, I am sorry on Kiara’s behalf. A woman says Rani we loved meeting you. Another says you handled the situation so well. Only a royal heart could do that. God bless you. They say to Rajeshwari she’s precious. You can’t find a better house. You rest, she’s here to handle the royalty of this house. They leave. Rajeshwari says in heart be happy for a little while more Rani. I will end your happiness by the end of this party. You will never have the worth of taking my place.

Scene 2
Sanjay says what is the matter maa sa? I am worried. She says if you did, you won’t have lied to us. I want a straight answer to what I am asking. Is Kumud Veer’s mom? Sanjay says I told you I have no relation with Veer’s mom now. She says that’s not the answer of my question. Sanjay says this must be a misunderstanding. She shows him the photo and says what is this then?


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajeshwari brings Rani to her room. It’s decorated with her photos. Rani says these are my photos from the party.Rajesahwari says no one will look at these photos and say daughter celebrated and wore given clothes here, and there, a father had to be hanged. Rani is shocked.

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Telecast Date:19th February 2021
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