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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 18th September 2021 Veer says pride ends soon. I have no interest in seeing their faces. A salesman collides with Veer. He says sorry. The letter falls. Sooraj picks and says love letter.. Veer says stay away from my life. I feel bad for the girl you’re getting this necklace for. She will never accept you. Sooraj says she will. Veer leaves.

Rani asks Vijaya is everything okay? Sooraj says did you read? She says what? He says I have a surprise for you. He shows the necklace. Vijaya says keep it. Rani says I can’t keep it. Vijaya says you are getting me that land you deserve some commission. Rani says gifting me from my own money? Sooraj says let me make you wear it. Rani wears it and says I wore it. Thank you. Vijaya says to keep it. Veer texts Rani I am getting your favorite ice cream.. Come home fast. Rani smiles. Rani leaves.

Scene 2
Rani comes home and says I need to hide this necklace. I have to tell everyone everything once things are okay. Rajmata says Rani where is Veer? It’s late. Rani says he will be home soon. I am also waiting for him. Rani says where is Veer? Veer is on his way. He says who is annoying Rani with these letters?

Veer comes home. Rani is asleep. Veer says Rani ice cream. Sorry I go late. He sits next to her. Rani sleeps on his shoulder. He says I will speak to her tomorrow.

Scene 3
The next morning Rani is at the registrar office. Rani says I hope everything happens smoothly. I had to hide it from Veer again. Veer wakes up and sees Rani isn’t there. Veer looks out. Ranni is nowhere. jar falls down. Veer sees the necklace. He’s shocked. He recalls Sooraj said he will get it for someone special. Veer recalls the letter. Veer says what is happening?

Mausa ji says registrar says he will sit for another 30 minutes. Kaamlesh says what will we do now? Vijaya comes out. He says you distract her. I will handle things inside. Vijaya comes there. Rani says I am so excited. Rajeshwari would be so sad. A girl sees Rani and says that’s Rani. Why is she with Rajawat’s enemies? Vijaya says let’s go in and sign. Rani pretends to faint. Vijaya says sit here. She says let me get cold water. The women see Rani and say her husband and family live there and she’s having with here?

Rajeshwari cleans the house. The women come there and say poor Rani sa, she has to work while her DIL is outside. They say your Rani is with Vijaya. She is sipping juices with her. Go to registrar office and see for yourself. Rajeshwari is shocked. Kajri hears it. She says I have to tell Rani. Vijaya says let’s go and get it signed. Rani’s phone falls and turns off. Rani says I need to do something. Kajri keeps calling Rani but her phone is off. She calls Mausa ji but he doesn’t pick. Kajri is on her way there. Rani calls the resigstrar and says there are robbers inn your house. He runs. Rajeshwari says to Vikram why would they lie to me? She calls Veer and says Rani is hiding something from us. Reach registrar office fast.

Scene 4
Vijaya comes to the office. The fake registrar sits there. vijaya says where is saloni? Rani says chacha ji will handle everything. Vijaya says I trust Rani. Mausa ji gives her the papers. Rajeshwari and Vikram are on her way. Kajri says please reach there fast. Vijaya’s lawyer reads the papers. She says my lawyer is very experienced.

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Telecast Date:18th September 2021
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