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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 18th January 2021 Veer says why are you so fond of bruises? She says to win you have to shed some blood. He says I got distracted because of Kiara otherwise I would win. She says you keep making excuses. Rani gets a call. She can’t hear so she goes out. Vikram says Kiara bro is busy you can fly kite with me. It’s someone from the university. He says submitted the form but didn’t submit the certificate. If you don’t submit in a week it won’t proceed. Rani says oh God what will I do now? She says I have to go to Baliya to get my certificate. Pinku says what happened? She says I have to get a certificate from Baliya. How will I go there? How will I get a bus so fast? Veer says don’t worry driver will drop you. She says I will arrange something. He says don’t be stubborn. Rajeshwari says not driver, Veer will take you. Rani is shocked. She says it’s okay Rani so I will go. Rajeshwari says when you came here you were only Ramo’s daughter but now it’s not the same. You will have to go. She says in heart the task is so important you will have to go Veer.

Rajeshwari plays chess and recalls all that has happened. Veer says why do I have to go to Baliya? She says you promised you can do anything for me. Why you always question me? Do as I ask. He says okay Rani sa. Rajeshwari says take Rani to Baliya and leave her there forever. Veer is shocked. He says what? Why? She says have you accepted her as your wife? I have many answers to this question but you tell me can a doctor spend his entire life with an idiot like her? There is no point of this relationship or her being here. Everyone is unhappy with her presence here. Leave her there forever. She can’t live here. Veer nods. Rajeshwari says I hope you will do what I asked this time. Veer says yes Rani sa. He leaves.

Scene 2
Rani says I don’t want to go with Veer. Pinku says please I don’t want to go in bus. It will be fun going in his AC car. Rani says are you a city person now? She says doctor sahab is so nice. He always helps you. She says whose side are you on? He says Veer was the only one who stood with our dad. Rani recalls what Veer did and their marriage. Rani says I thought the same then I found out because of him.. She stops. Pinku says what? Rani says our dad is in jail because of him. He put our dad under his favors and sent him to jail. He did such a big sin that our dad is suffering for. We have to stand for our dad. I don’t want to go with him. Pinku says when you say things confidently when you are sure. I know even you are not sure if he did this sin or not. Rani says in her heart what is it actually? What should I do?

Rajeshwari gives tea to Sanjay. He holds her hand and says why ar you doing all this? I know there was a time when everyone didn’t accept Rani. She has proved herself. Why don’t you want to accept her? She saved Nandini’s life, she made a place in Rajmata’s heart, she saved my life. Rajeshwari says she can be the head servant of this house but she can never be the DIL of this house. That’s not her worth. Sanjay says he is not a stranger. She is Ramo’s daughter. He gave us 20 years. Rajeshwari says he still remained our servant. How can she become our DIL? Can she ever learn about our culture? Can she even have table manners? She doesn’t even know the difference between knife and fork. He says give her a chance. She says no. She’s a servant. I took Rajmata’s place. We had same royal blood. Can she ever take this royal responsibility. She is so illmanners. She can never learn how to talk. Sanjay says she can learn. Rajeshwari says she has to leave. Sanjay says in hert I have to talk to Veer.

Scene 3
Pinku sees clothes. Rani says where did you get them from? He says Vikram gave this. She says we will go by bus and come back. Veer comes in and says pack all your things. Rani says why are you kicking us out of the house? Pinku and Rani laugh. Pinku says she’s joking. Why are you asking us to pack everything? Veer recalls what Rajeshwari said. He says you might need something. That’s why. Rani says yes true. Let’s pack everything. We can take this trunk, dadi might give a lot of things. They pack things. Veer says Rani sa told her decision and that is better for Rani as well. But how will do that? How does it feel so weird. I should tell Rani everything.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 19th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer and Rani are at a restaurant on the way. They video call Rajmata and Vikram. Rajmata says to Rani why is your hairline empty? You have to fill your hairline. Our DIL can’t go to her house without a filled hairline. Please will question. Veer shows her the camera. She fills her hairline.

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Telecast Date:18th January 2021
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