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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th September 2021 Rani says okay as you wish. The old Rani sa went to meet in the office. She knows how to use people for their benefit. But you know the best. Rani hangs up. Kajri says why did you say no? Rani says she will call back. Vijaya calls back and says I am coming in half an hour.

Rani gets Kajri ready. She says you should have a speaking fast. Just say yes or no. Kajri says I get it. Rani says be strong. Today is your monh warath. Kajri says who will help me? She says Mausa ji. Mausa comes here disguised as a sardar. Rani says he will help us. He arranged all this. Phone rings. Vijaya says I have reached. Rani tells her to come in. Rani says this is saloni and that’s my chacha ji who will take the matter up. Vijaya asks Kajri why do you wanna sell this land? Mausa ji says they live abroad.

Vijaya says let us talk. You will get your commission. Mausa ji says it’s her monh warath. Vijaya says how will she do the deal? We will do the next meeting after ganpati. Mausa ji says it will be too late. She will leave. Vijaya says where? He says Bali. She has a vacation. Vijaya says so we have to do everything today. I have a few questions. Who will answer them? Mausa ji says they have to go abroad. They want to sell it to someone from a good family. Rani said.. Vijaya says who Rani?

Scene 2
Veer reads Sooraj’s letter. I wanted to say it many times but I couldn’t. So I am writing it, I love you. I fell in love when I met you on the road. I wanted to confess on the dinner and then the party. So I am telling now, I love you. Veer says who’s this crazy guy? If Rani reads it she will kill him. I should speak to her.

Mausa ji says Radhika told me you’re the best family in the city. Rajeshwari says were to do the deal? Mausa ji says okay then do it tomorrow. She says I know someone who has the same saree. Where did you get it from? Rani says she is trying to say she got it from a seller. Vijaya says okay then we will get it registered tomorrow. She leaves. Rani says tomorrow her game will be over. Mausa ji says what will we do?

Scene 3
Shanti tells Rani Vijay knows someone in the registrar’s office. He will solve it all. Rani says tomorrow everything will be okay. We will get everything back. Sooraj wonders if Rani read the letter. Veer says why didn’t Rani tell me about this letter? She must be worried.

Kamlesh (Vijay’s friend) says I shouldn’t help you as a policeman. But Vijay has done a lot for me. He says this is Sagar. He will help you. Rani says once registration is done. Vijaya’s sins will be over. Kamlesh says what do you plan to do?

Veer looks for Rani. Rani says everyone should listen to my plan. Veer calls Rani but she hangs up. Veer texts Rani I am always with you. Rani says at 2, we will go to the registrar’s office. Everyone will be out of lunch and then the new registrar will come. the office will be empty at 2. We have 30 minutes to do our work. Our man will be there as the fake registrar. Kamlesh says you’re all prepared. Rani says what about the papers?

Mausa ji says she will bring the lawyer. Kamlesh says don’t worry about the papers. I will handle everything. Rani says I will bring Vijaya to the office. I will give the papers to Vijaya. Kamlesh will spill water on Vijaya. In that moment I will replace the papers. She will think she’s signing the land papers but she will sign papers that she is giving back everything to Rajawats. Mausa says you’re such a genius. Ramo must be proud of you.

Scene 4
Vikram says my mentor lawyer is ready to help us. Let’s meet him. Veer wonders why didn’t Rani call back. A man meets Veer and says the necklace that you ordered 3 months ago is ready. Come let me show it. He shows Veer the necklace. Veer says it’s beautiful. I will pay in installment. Sooraj says because they don’t have worth paying together. I will buy it on cash. Vijaya calls Rani and says I need to talk to you. Rani is scared.

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