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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 16th September 2021 Veer is about to pick rani’s phone. Kajri picks it and says you are so crazy about laddus. She takes Rani from there. Kajri asks Rani why were you coming and leaving the house? I saw the photo in your phone. That’s Vijya’s son right? She says yes. I will get back everything that was mine. Rani tells her everything. Kajri says what a plan. You played so well. Kajri says why are you hiding it from Veer? Rani says he cares for me. He won’t let me do it all. Kajri says we need to tell this to someone we can trust. Rani says who?

Scene 2
Vijya recalls what Rani said about the land. She comes to meet people. A man says better Rani sa. He says make me gardener on your new land. She says I will give that job to the Rajawats. She says soon my dreams will become reality. I will buy your favorite land and break your dreams.

Vijaya calls Rani and says I want that land tomorrow. Rani says how will I get it tomorrow? What to do now. Rani gets done the pooja. She is scared how will she get the land by tomorrow.

Rani says to Kajri you will pretend to be the owner of the land. Kajri says no no how can I do that. Rani says I did so much for you in childhood. You can’t do something so small for me? Kajri says okay I will do it. Rani says we will plan it tonight.

Rani sees Veer praying. She says what are you praying? He says I have you, I don’t need anything. I have you.

Scene 3
Everyone sleeps. Mausa ji snorts. Rani and Kajri sneak out. Veer is holding Rani’s hand. She leaves his hand and sneaks out.

Rani and Kajri do rehearsal. Rani says she’s the owner of the land. Kajri says you have to pay me what I ask. Jivani says I can do this Rani. Rani says we have to say it mildly. Sit in style Kajri. Speak like this land is like your family. We want to make her desire for this land. Kajri says the deal was set with the old Rani sa but situation changed. So I had to cancel the deal. I am Sahi Saloni. I was selling this land to the old Rani sa. Rani says you’re doing it so bad.

Scene 3
The next morning, Rani and Kajri leave. Rani says please help us God. Veer says people in this neighbourhood are so angry. A kid was crying that his mom is mad. I went to ask her and she said it’s her monh warat. Rani says what an idea.

Rani says to Vijya the meeting is fixed. Vijya says ask her to come to my haveli. Rani says she won’t come there. She will break the deal. Vijya says I break it before her.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2021
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