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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 16th February 2021 Rani prepares a paste for Veer for his neck pain. She says he will accept my village treatment finally. Vikram comes and says what’s up? She says time pass. He says get ready for the party. Rani says Nandini got me clothes but I am scared. I have only seen these parties in movies. He says you can imagine the movies. She laughs. He says do you celebrate valentine’s in the village. She says they don’t even know but I do. He says that means you do know why is it celebrated? She says people dance, eat and hug. He says no you’re getting it wrong. this day is for your lover. Couples express love for each other. Like Veer would get you a gift, I am sure. Did you plan anything? Rani says you confuse me. He says if your bruise okay? It’s bleeding a little. She says I am okay. Vikram says you’re not letting me fix it because you want Veer to do it. She says yeah he’s a doctor. He will be back in an hour. He says wow.. He teases her. Rani leaves.

Scene 2
Rani gets ready for the party. She does makeup. Her earring falls. Veer picks along with her. They look at each other in the mirror. She takes the earring from Veer and wears it. Rani says I know I can never look good. I made a mistake. You became speechless looking at me. Do I look like a witch? People are used to seeing me like that? I will take it off. He says stop. You look good. Rani says thank you. Veer dresses her wound. The song rangrez piya plays. Rani says I also made a paste for you. You will feel better. Should I apply it right now? She brings the paste and applies it on his neck. Rani massages his neck.

Scene 3
The party starts. Guests start arriving. Kiara plans with her friends to pull rani’s leg. Vikram hears all this. He says Kiara.. He says why are you here? She says not to meet you. Rajeshwari says I invited her. She says I want everyone to accept that Veer and Rani are husband and wife. We have to do it for society..

Nandini announces on the stage I know you’re all waiting for the new couple. But no more wait. On this special day.. Valentine’s day. Let’s welcome, Rani and Veer. Everyone claps. Veer and Rani come together in the spotlight. Rani holds his arm. She says do we have to walk like this? It’s awkward. He says I know but you will be okay in a bit. Rani and Veer enter the prty. Rajeshwair says you look very good. Rani says thank you.

Kumud says to Sanjay, the day I waited for years is finally here. Rani accepted Veer and Rani. I think we should tell Rani sa the truth. Sanjay says what are you saying? He says we kept this secret for 28 years. Do you want to tell her now? Don’t even think about it. She says but Veer has the right to know. Sanjay says please no. Rajmata looks at them. She leaves. Rajeshwari introduces Rani to all her friends. They are happy to meet Rani. Kiara is angry.

Kumud cries in her room. She opens the trunk and takes out a paper. She says I knew this day would come some day. She cries. She hugs a photo and cries. Kumud says every mother wants to give all happiness to her child. To give her a lot of love. But if destiny planned this, then let it be. She locks it. Someoen comes in. it’s Rajmata. She says what’s going on? why was Kumud crying with that photo. I have to find out secret in this trunk.

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