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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 16th April 2021 Sanjay says get out. Birju says to ask them what were they talking about Rani. Jai says he’s lying. He was harassing Nandini when she was alone. Vikram says Birju can never do that. I trust him. Nandini says you trust him over your sister. He has no right to question us. Vikram says if it’s a fair question everyone has a right.

Kumud prepares for the pooja. Kiara says what is all this? She says Rani was very excited about the festival so I thought we should celebrate it. She says Veer I know Rani will come back home. Vikram says we will celebrate it for Rani. Veer says I will fast for Rani. Why does the wife have to do it all the time? I will pray for her long life. Kumud says she’s lucky to have a husband like you. Kiara holds the idol. Kumud cleans the temple. Vikram looks at her and recalls their wedding. Vikram takes it to the temple. Jai is leaving. Kiara says Jai where are you going? There’s pooja tomorrow. You should stay. He says I have work. Kumud says can’t you do this for Nandini? He says in I will get more time to pressurize Nandini. He says okay.

Scene 2
The pooja starts. Rajmata prepares for Rani to come back so she can reunite with Veer. Veer recalls marrying Rani. He recalls his moments with her. Veer says please return Rani. I won’t be able to live without her. Rajmata says where are roses? Nandini says let me bring them. Vijay comes. He says we found rani’s location. Jai is shocked. Veer says let’s go. He says my team has it. They are coming. Vikram says let’s wait here then. Jai leaves. Rajmata prays that Rani comes back home.

Scene 3
Jai comes to the shed. He comes in to see Rani. She isn’t there. Someone hits him on head. It’s Veer. Vikram and Birju come there as well. Jai tries to run. Vikram holds him. He says an injection can save a person’s life or kill him. that’s why doctors are called lifesavers. Where is Rani? He says I don’t know. Veer says because of you I had to go against law and put Rani sa in trouble. He says I don’t know. Vikram says you think we are idiots? Birju hits him. He says I don’t know please trust me. Vikram says you manipulated Nandini and got money that she got from Kiara? Kiara told us everything. Birju says you have no chance left.

Kiara said to Veer Nandini is hiding something from you all. Veer said she asked you gave her money? Kiara said she asked for charity. When I went to the basement I was sure. Nandini had no answer. She left nervous. Jai says where did I come in all this? Veer says Birju heard your conversation with Nandini. Nandini said where is bhabhi sa? Veer says I can kill you right now but I won’t do that. Because I want Rani back. Birju says you want to play games right? He shoves him and says now we will play a game. Veer says I am asking you one last time, where is Rani?

Rajmata prays. Kumud says Rani will come back. Rajmata says I thought I have all the relations in life, then Rani came to my life. I miss her so much. Kumud says she will come and do this pooja herself. Sanjay says Veer has always taken care of this family. All our kids will come back home safe. Kiara says what about the shameless person in the house? Won’t you question that child? She stands in front of Nandini. Sanjay says what did Nandini do? Nandini says must be a misunderstanding. Kiara let’s go to talk. Kiara says no it’s a family matter so we will speak here. Nadnini what is wrong with you? Your family is so worried, your brothers are risking their lives to save Rani and you’re standing there and not doing anything? Rajmata says what are you saying? Nandini cares for everyone. Kiara says no, she has become heartless. She doesn’t care. Whatever happens, just her name shouldn’t come up. Rajmata says what? Kiara says Nandini can bring Rani back right now. Because she knows the kidnapper and Rani’s location both. Everyone is shocked. Kiara says it’s Jai Singh.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th April 2021 16th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandini is exposed in front of everyone. Nandini says what will I do now. Veer goes to Rani’s location. Vijay tells him Rani ran from Jai’s detention and someone else kidnapped him. Veer sits down and starts crying.

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Telecast Date:16th April 2021
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