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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th September 2021 Sooraj says guys meet her. She is my.. Rani says, teacher. I teach him. His friends say you got a teacher here? Why? Rani says let’s play musical chairs. He says sure. Rani says I will be out in the first round and leave. Rani pretends to fall. Sooraj says you can take my place. She says no you win and show me. He says I need to impress her. Rani sneaks out.

Scene 2
Veer says where is Rani? She left half an hour ago. Rani comes home and says a dog was after me. He says you should have to take a rickshaw. Sooraj says I won Radhika ji. He asks Shanti where is she? Shanti says she was here. She said you play so well. He says so she’s impressed. Sooraj looks for her everywhere. He asks Shanti where is she? Shanti says I don’t know. He looks in his room. rani jumps in. Sooraj comes in. Rani is there? Sooraj says why are you out of breath. She says I was thinking of a new game for you all. So I was testing it. In this game, the whole house would be dark.

Rani says let’s start the game. Turn the lights off. It’s all dark. Rani tries to sneak out. Shanti shows her the way. Rajeshwari does pooja. Veer says where is Rani?? Rani comes there? Veer sees her. Veer asks where were you? She says you tell me. If you love me you should know. She says I went out. Rajeshwari does arti. Rani stands with Veer and does arti. Rani sneaks out again.

Scene 3
Sooraj says Radhika ji I won. Rani comes in. She says did you lose? He says where were you? Rani says I was here only. His friends leave. Sooraj says let’s take a selfie. Rani says I wore this saree and met your friends. I need to go now. I have an exam. He says okay. Vijaya says it’s late. I won’t let you go alone. My driver will drop you. She says my rickshaw is here. Vijaya says you’re married right? But why do you live in the hostel? She says my husband is in another city. I am here for studies. I will go to him once my studies are over. Rani leaves.

Scene 4
Champa comes to Nandini. She’s doing the laundry. Champa now you see what tI do. She puts a cutter in the machine. She says this is jai’s favorite jacket. Champa cuts it. Nandini does the laundry. She sees that Jai’s jackets are cut. Nandini is scared. Jai comes and says what is this? You ruined my favorite jacket. Nandini says I didn’t do anything. I was just washing.. That Champa. Jai slaps her and says if you take her name again I will slap you again. No food for you today and don’t dare to step out of the house. Nandini cries.

A woman says where is Rani? Can’t see her anywhere. Veer says let me see. Mausa says where is rani? Veer says let me see. Rani sneaks in from the window. Veer comes in the room. She’s eating sweets there. Veer says what are you doing? She says was eating laddus. Rani’s phone drops. The selfie with Sooraj opens. Veer sees it.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2021
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