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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th January 2021 Malini says it’s my mistake I didn’t give him good manners. I thought he’s careless but I never thought he’s so disgusting. Her dad says we are sorry Big Vijay. Malini says please forgive us. Rajeshwari says it’s not your fault. Jai says but.. Malini says shut up. Don’t say a word. Go and pack your bags. Jai looks at Rani in anger. Malini says I hope when we meet next we meet in better circumstances. She says to Nandini says I am so sorry. My blessings are always with you. They leave.

Jai comes to his room and says where is my stuff? Champa says I have it. I did so much for you so would take something in return. Go before I expose you more. Jai comes downstairs and looks at Rani. Jai says Nandini.. Rajeshwari says don’t dare to talk to her to come back to this house. He leaves. Rajeshwari says I am sorry Malini ji. Malini says I should have talked to him like that. They leave.

Nandini says sorry bhai. You tried to tell me truth but you didn’t listen. How did I forget you always do good for us. You saved my life. Veer says no one can harm me as long as I am there. If you want to thank anyone, thank Rani. Veer says Rani exposed Jai. It was her plan. I have to tell you another thing,.. Rajeshwari says what else? Veer says Rani saved papa not Kiara. Kiara and Padmini lied. They told us Kiara saved him but truth is that Rani saved him. If she wasn’t there papa won’t be with us. Rajmata says but why would Padmini do that? Nandini hugs Rani and says I am sorry Rani. I did so wrong to you. Rani says don’t say that. Nandini says thank you. You have done a lot for me and my family. Rajmata says she’s our pride. Sanjay says thank you for saving my daughter and my life. We are all with you. He gives her blessings. Vikram says wahh bhabhi sa. You made everyone emotional. He shakes hand and says we are friends forever.

Vikram says I always knew about Kiara and Mausi. They were planning something. Mom please forgive bhabhi. Rajmata says give her blessings at least.

Rajeshwari gives her a locket and says this is my bakhshish (beg) for what she did. It’s the relationship between a servant and a master when they do good. She leaves. She did good work. But we also gave her and her father a good life as our servants.

Scene 2
Rajeshwari thinks about everything. Rani comes and says if you gave this as a gift I could take it but I can’t take it as a bakhshish. I can’t keep it safe. Rajeshwari says we have many such necklaces. Rani says I am scared of unwanted lockets like the one Veer gave me when he married me. I can’t keep it. She leaves it there.

Rajmata says to Rani I know you’re hurt but your time will come. Don’t worry. She can’t harm anyone she’s just hurt. Give her time and she will value you. Rani says I am fine. Rajmata says tomorrow is makarsakranti. This is your first event with us. Rani says I will be all prepared to fly kites. Rajmata says you fly kites? Rani says yes no one can defeat me.

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Telecast Date:15th January 2021
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