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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th June 2021 Veer comes in with dadi. Dadi says are you okay? Veer says she will be fine. He lays her on the sofa. Dadi says Veer you have bruises too. Veer asks Kiara to get the medical kit. Birju says are you okay? Dadi says what do they want? Veer says they won’t come back. Birju says I will kill them. Kiara gives him the kit. Rani says I am fine. He says you’re not. He dresses her wound. Rani looks at him. Rani recalls their moments together. Veer says careful.

Scene 2
At night, Rani says they took the land last time, are they men of bhaya ji? She sees the papers. Veer gives her medicine and says eat it, it will decrease your pain. She says the one who fave pain is giving medicine? Leave it. DOn’t do all this, no one is seeing. He says dadi will question me about your health, I can’t lie to her. Rani says who knows you might have learned to lie. He says your sins are exposed. I have no interest in talking to you. Rani says I don’t need this either. He says I am a doctor, Rani says but I have no interest in being your patient. You didn’t have to come there. I didn’t ask you to come there and get bruised. He says I was handling them. Rani says it’s my land and my problem. He forces the tablet in her mouth. He says I learned it from you.

And I did all that for Ramo, not you. He took care of me for years, it’s my duty to take care of his dreams. Rani says I know you will change this care in favor. I don’t want that and neither does my dad. I can tell dadi the truth but she wouldn’t be able to bear with it. You have taken all my happiness, at least leave my family. if my family gets hurt I will forget who you are. He says you already have, what’s left to forget?

The truth is that your family should know about their new SIL so you don’t have to do this drama. That is right. Dadi says what is right? Veer says dadi.. I was saying let’s start preparing for tomorrow’s event. Dadi says let me get your blanket. Rani says in heart I can’t sleep with him. Veer says we don’t have time to sleep. There’s too much to prepare for tomorow. Dadi says you both need rest. CAn’t we delay it? He says I gathered courage after so long, I can’t delay it. Rani says in heart hurt me but not my family at least.

Scene 3
Veer gets all things ready for the event. Vikram looks at him in anger. Dadi says he’s putting his heart into it. Rani says Ramo is coming today, what will I tell him? What’s this drama. Veer says this is for you. She says I don’t want anything from you. He says see first. It’s the bridal dress. Veer says Birju will like it. Rani says do you have any shame? Don’t you get tired of all this drama? I will tell dadi everything. He says what about my gift? She says burn it. I don’t care. Dadi hears it and says why do you talk like that? Why do you keep fighting with Veer? He got this saree for you. It’s so pretty. Dadi says you take it then. I don’t it. Rani says I want to talk to you dadi. Veer says yes she wants to tell you something. Say it, Rani, you might not get another chance. He leaves.

Dadi asks Rani is everything okay? Rani says I wanted to tell you why I came here. Dadi says you must be missing me. Your husband is so amazing. Rani says please listen. She says see, he’s preparing everything so well. I will get you ready. Rani says I don’t wanna wear it. She says why? Dadi says don’t be angry. You have to wear it for me. Rani says in her heart what is going on in Veer’s mind. Everything will be ruined.

Vikram says to Veer it’s still not late. At least talk to me and tell me what’s wrong? Veer says let my problems be mine. I don’t wanna share anything. And why should I talk to you? You left me in Goa. Vikram says because you were wrong and she was right. Veer says yeah let me stay with my mistakes. Vikram says I am just talking to you. Why are you doing all this? He says let me be wrong. Vikram says I want to solve all this but I need to know the problem first. I want to save this relationship. Veer says it’s too late for that. You will know why this function is organized.

Scene 4
The set-up is ready. Veer says everything will change forever in a few minutes Rani. Rani comes there dressed in the saree he gave. Birju comes and says hurry up doctor. Veer ignores him. Dadi says where did he go? Ranis says dadi I have to tell you something. Veer and aI.. Veer comes with a drum and plays it. Vikram stops him and says what is this drama and for what? Veer says for Rani’s mehndi. Ramo comes and says what? Everyone’s shocked to see him.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ramo says to Veer you have accepted my daughter’s happiness, we don’t want anything more. Veer says now I am not your son-in-law, he is. Birju. Everyone is shocked.

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