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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th January 2021 Rani says your childhood friends, sit with them, Jai says why did you have to come from so far? We could meet at the wedding. Rajeshwari says they are your guests, they are always welcome here. Veer says Rani sa is right. Have fun with them. Play the games you used to, she gives them card. Rajeshwari says Rani it’s engagement not cards party. Veer says Jai and his friends like it. A goon says yes we always play it before important things. It’s a kind of ritual for us. Rajeshwari says they are Jai’s friends so I allow. There should be no shortcoming in the engagement. Rani says nothing would go wrong with Nandini. They start playing and drinking. Rani says his game would be over now.

Jai comes to Champa and says listen to me. She says you should be somewhere else. He says listen to me. He asks her to make her lemon water so he doesn’t get too drunk.

Veer says to Rani your plan shouldn’t fail. She says don’t say such things. I will work. He says your overconfidence gets you in trouble. Rani says don’t worry. Rani says you are panicking. How do you do surgeries? He says it’s my sister’s life. She says your sister is something to me as well. I know how Jai is. Once he starts he won’t stop. Veer says where is he? Rani says I will bring him wherever he is.

Jai is locked in his room. He says I have to control, I can’t play. I am already in debt. Rani comes there and says here you are. Your friends are waiting for you. He says I don’t want to play. Rani releases him. He says don’t do this, I don’t want to play. Rani says go downstairs now. I know you’re dying to play. Don’t stop yourself. He says I won’t go. Rani says I thought you were Raja, you’re not a man. You’re scared of card. Go there with pride. It’s your big day, have fun. Jai says yes. He goes downstairs.

Scene 2
Jai comes to play. Rani says Jai is here. He’s ready to give you tough competition, he’s the king of this game. Jai sits, Rani says well done. Jai starts betting on things. Jai wins. Rani says keep defeating them. Veer leaves. The goon says what will you bet on? Jai takes the ring out. Everyone is shocked. Nandini comes and says this is our engagement ring. You lost it in the bed? He says sorry Nandini.. I need something else. Nandini says what are you doing? Jai is drunk. He says I need something to bet on. His friends say hurry up.. Jai says Nandini.

Rajeshwari shouts Jai.. She slaps him and says I considered you my son and you’re betting on my daughter? How dare you?

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Telecast Date:14th January 2021
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