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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th January 2021 Veer says I am sorry. Rani says I will forgive at one condition, that you and I will work together in kicking him out of this house. He says oka, do you have a plan? She says yes I have such a big plan. But it’s cooking, I will tell you once it’s cooked. Don’t worry you can trust me this time. She says where is Pinku?

Rani and Veer look for Pinku. He’s hidden in a cabinet. Rani says come out. H says I won’t come out. I am scared. I am scared. I don’t want to go downstairs. Veer says it’s okay. Pinku can sleep in my room tonight. Don’t cry. I used to be scared as well when I was a kid. The fear lives inside and we have to face it. I can control it when it’s inside me. I can kick it out slowly. You have to try that as well. Rani says but how will he live in your room. Veer says I am not going to torture him. He will sleep. Rani says he’s my brother. He will sleep with me. Veer says he’s something to me as well. Veer says why are you overreacting? She says he will become an angry man like you. He says I only get mad when you do stupid things but you do that all the time. rani says Pinku you decide. He goes with Veer. Rani says you.. Vikram and Rajmata look at them. Rajmata says I see their relationship growing with these small fights. Veer takes Pinku with him.

Scene 2
Rani gets the house decorated. Jai says in heart she’s getting everything done so happily? How? Jai is sneaking out. Rani says it’s your engagement day. Come here. He says what? She says it’s a donkey’s engagement. He says you won’t be able to stop this engagement right? You gave up. Finally.

Jai laughs. Rani laughs with him and says I have accepted you. Now I know you completely, don’t worry, all arrangements would be perfect. Go now.

Nandini video calls Kiara and says see my lehnga. Kiara says so pretty, lovely colors. Nandini says what are you wearing? Come on time. you have to do my final touch up. Kiara says I.. How is Veer’s mood? Nandini says did something happen? Vikram says he’s very angry. Did something happen? He shouted at me. Nandini says really? Why? Vikram says yes I can’t ask. Kaira you come and ask him. Kiara says I will.. I mean.. I don’t know. She hangs up. Vikram laughs. Nandini says you were joking? You are becoming like that Rani. You don’t think before speaking. Vikram says you’re too innocent. There were so many problems between Rani and Veer because of Kiara. Nandini says she is my best friend and she will come. Vikram says okay we will see, don’t worry.

Rani comes to Champa and asks what are you doing here? She says what are you planning? Rani says your dignity doesn’t matter to you. You are tolerating the wrong. Champa says people like us only need to survive. Champa says if you expose Jai I will be fired. You are the DIL of this house. Rani says okay do your job, I will do it. It’s about family. I won’t let this engagement happen.

Scene 3
Nandini gets ready. Veer says can I come in? He says my sweet sister is so big now. You’re so special for me. Nandini says you know you’re special for us as well. We became so distant. Veer says don’t be upset. Nandini says Jai isn’t a bad guy. Rani confused you. Veer says I only wanted to protect you and see you happy. She says then be a part of my happiness. We had so many dreams related to your wedding. They all broke. I want everyone to be happy and accept Jai. Veer says in heart I won’t let anyone play with your happiness. Truth will be out.

Rajeshwari says to Rani everything should be served on time. Rani says I am looking after all arrangements. Don’t worry. Veer looks at Rani and says I hope your plan will work. Rani says in heart my plans never fail. See how I teach him a lesson.

Some men come in. Rani recalls they were the goons who were asking him from money. Rani says welcome. You came late. Come sit. Rajeshwari says who are you? Rani says they are Jai’s friends. It’s his big day, he had to invite his friends. Jai comes out. He’s shocked to see them.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani makes Jai play gamble. Nandini says you lost our engagement ring in a gamble? The goons say what do you have next? Should we end it. He says I put Nandini on bid. Rajeshwari shouts Jai Singh.. She slaps him.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2021
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