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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12th January 2021 Veer comes to Kiara. She says I wanted to ask something. Who saved papa that night? She says I.. CPR.. Veer says tell me truth. Kiara says Rani.. Padmini aunty said I did, I think she was confused. But I didn’t want to lose you as a friend. Veer says you lied to me so you already lost me as a friend. Thank you for all that you did but please go now.

Rani asks Rajmata why are you upset? She says I am happy that you got your place back and truth is out. I got new bangles for you. She makes Rani wear them. Rajmata says we will never say such a big lie again and these bangles won’t be removed from your wrists again. Rani touches her feet. rajmata says your place is in my heart. Rani recalls Kiara saying she will never be able to wear them. Rajmata says only you have right on these. Rani says you’re just like my dad. You’re so kind. You can be mad at me when I am wrong. she says you’re never wrong. Rani says no one wants to accept me here. Rajmata says their hearts will melt. Now say.. Your time will come. Rani laughs.

Kiara is leaving. Rani says I wanted to thank you for coming here. Kiara says you must be really happy, you got what you wanted. You’re so clever and such a drama. Even if Veer said the truth, Rani sa owns this house. Your place is still downstairs in the dark. Rani says the bulb also lightens there. My fate will brighten up as well. I will find my place. You don’t think about me. Kiara leaves.

Scene 2
Jai says to Pinku you were keeping an eye on me right? Pinku says please let me go. Jai says you told your sister everything right? Pinku says please let me go. Jai says let’s play. Pinku cries and says I don’t want to play anything. He says let’s play the fly game. He slaps Pinku’s hands. He says now I will keep hitting until your hands are blood red. Pinku says let me go, please. Veer comes. He says Pinku I got you a cricket kit and books. He says Jai if you want to play games, play with people of your age. Veer asks Pinku to go out. Veer sits with Jai and hits his hands. Jai says let me go, please. I don’t want to play. Jai says I am done. Veer says you can’t break the rules. Rani says I also want to play. She hits him. Jai runs. Rani says thank you for what you did.

He says I should say sorry. I am sorry I didn’t believe you. Why didn’t you tell everyone? Rani says it doesn’t matter who saved him. It only matters that he’s okay. VEer says no, everyone should know that papa is healthy because of you. Not Kiara. He recalls everything. Rani says but that would bring Padmini mausi down. He says I never understood you. I am sorry about the Jai singh thing as well. Rani says I have one condition, promise me we will kick Jai out of this house together. Veer holds her hand and says promise.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
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