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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th January 2021 Rajmata says to Malini our intention wasn’t to fool you. Malini hugs Rajeshwari and says we have no issues. The way your DIL explained everything explained to me you did all this for your daughter. I don’t mind the circumstances Veer married in, the fact is that you got such a nice DIL. Rani is a very nice girl. Vikram says she’s one in a million. Rajeshwari says I wanted to.. She says I have no grudges in the heart. We have to do her munh dikhai only. She does Rani’s arti. Malini gives Rani a lot of gifts. Rani touches her feet. Malini hugs her and says stay happy. Rajeshwari says I want to give jai something. She gives him a gold sword which is their family sword. Jai says I love it. He touches her feet. He says in his heart thank God, now I will sell it to pay my debt. Rani says in her have to keep an eye on him.

At night, Veer looks at Rajeshwari’s picture and recalls what she said. Rani says I also used to hide my tears like this. I thought no one could see me. I lost my mom when I was too young, I can’t recall her face. Her memories are not blurred though. I feel like crying at times, I can know your pain. I know how important Rani sa is to you. you love her a lot. He says which son doesn’t want to see his mom happy? She says then why are you parting yourself from her? Veer says don’t say all this. Stay away from me and all this. He walks away.. Rani says your pain is yours. You can keep it in your heart. But there’s one thing, that I need to intervene. We have to stop this engagement no matter what happens. Veer says don’t worry, this engagement won’t happen. Rani says you’re not alone. He says I am enough to stop it. Stay away from all this.

Scene 2
Kiara packs her bag. She’s angry. Vikram sings dil kay arman. She says shut up. He says you didn’t even settle and this happened. You have to go from here. Drama queen. I told you my bro and bhabhi sa are united by God. Rajeshwari comes in and says you are interfering a lot in the house matters these days? Go to your room. He leaves. Rajeshwari says I know what you are going through Kiara. Kiara says I could never say no to you. Rajeshwari says I know you must be happy that you’re free. Kiara says yes. She says Malini aunty gave this necklace to the DIL of this house, give it to Rani. For a few moments, I got to become your DIL. Rajeshwari says I will never accept that Rani. Kiara says thank you for all the respect you have given me. She says in her heart this is just the beginning. I will convert this drama in reality.

Rani sees Jai going somewhere. he has the sword in his hand. Rani tries to go after him. She says but if Veer finds out he will be so mad. Rani chases him. Jai comes to the goons. He shows them the sword. Rani says if Jai sees me, it will be such a problem. The goons leave with the sword. Jai sees something moving. He comes towards the car but Rani hides. Rani tries to run but slips. Someone holds her hand. it’s veer. She looks back, there’s glass on the floor. She says thank you. He says don’t act over-smart. Why don’t you mind your own business. Rani sees the scar on his hand and says did I hit you with my nail again? He says again means? Veer recalls how she saved Sanjay’s life and got the nail scar from there. Veer says stop. He says that night.. You gave papa CPR and saved his life. Rani says it’s gone. He says I want to know the truth. Rani says it doesn’t matter.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jai says to Pinky let’s play a game.. He slaps Pinku’s hands. Veer says if you want to play games, play with people of your age. Veer slaps Jai. Rani says to Veer we will teach him a lesson together. Veer says shakes hand and says okay.

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Telecast Date:11th January 2021
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