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Anupama 9th November 2022 Anuj informs Anupama that he booked DJ for Pakhi and Adhik’s sangeet and will finalize caterer soon. Anupama says she will cook whole food. Anuj says both mother and daughter are dominant, Little Anu is preparing song list once she heard about DJ. Anupama says even he became DJ during navrati, like father like daughter.

She says Ankush and GK are happy with Adhik and Pakhi’s marriage. Anuj says only Barkha and Vanraj are unhappy with this marriage. He gets romantic and says he is not ready to remove his sehra yet. She says so cheegi/cheezy, she learnt it from little Anu.

Toshu pampers Pari and thanks Kinjal for coming. Kinjal says she just came to attend wedding as she doesn’t want anyone to comment that she didn’t attend her SIL’s wedding, but will go back to Rakhi’s house with Pari after wedding.

Toshu says he lost a right to stop her but can hope that she will return one day. She leaves from there. He asks Pari how to convince her mamma to stay back. Leela hears that and thinks why Kinjal wants to go back again.

Anuj gets romantic again and kisses Anupama’s cheek. Ishq Bina Kya Jeena Yaro… song plays in the background. Adhik walks to them and says they should select glitz and glam theme for sangeet ceremony. Anuj agrees. Adhik says designer told there would be extra charges for arrangements in such a short span. Anuj says its okay.

Adhik says thanks and leaves. Anupama says every mother would like to see her daughter always in front of her, but Pakhi and Adhik have to leave this house one day. Anuj says they can stay even here. Anupama says she doesn’t want Pakhi and Adhik take Anuj or his house for grant. Anuj says its taken for granted. Little Anu creates Pakhi weds Adhik board and shows it to Anuj. Barkha fumes seeing that. Anupama feels happy.

Next morning, Leela selects wedding card with Kavya and Hasmukh. Anupama walks in. Kavya aks her to select a card. Anupama gets emotional. Leela asks Anupama to do something that Vanraj selects card. Anupama keeps cards on Vanraj’s bed and watches silently with Leela and Kavya.

Vanraj picks one card. Leela says that card is final. Anuj, Little Anu, Ankush, Pakhi, and Adhik wear glitzy props and practice for sangeet ceremony. Toshu and Samar walk in and asks what is happening. Adhik explains that Little Anu selected glitz and glam theme for sangeet, so they are practicing. Anuj says let us wrap up before Anupama comes. Barkha stands frowning. Anuj says precious moments they lose would never return, so she shouldn’t lose them.

Leela happily checks Vanraj’s picked card. Kavya informs that Vanraj strikes his name and wrote Anuj’s name instead. Anupama says its getting too much. Kavya says even Anupama is angry, but she is not distancing herself from wedding. Anupama says she needs to leave for college now. Leela says she needs to talk something important. At Kapadia house, Anuj with his team plans wedding arrangements.

Barkha frowns seeing Pakhi manicuring her nails and thinks let Pakhi and Anupama fight and clear her way out. Anuj says he has arranged a prewedding shoot for Pakhi and Adhik. Pakhi thanks him and says she agreed for her wedding at Shah house, at least she will enjoy all her prewedding functions in her photo worthy Kapadia house. Toshu and Samar look at each other’s face hearing that.

Barkha murmurs if Pakhi is considering herself as a Kapadia bahu. Ankush says every girl has a dream for her wedding. Pakhi excitedly says she and adhik will wear white gown and tuxedo and use drones on a beach during photo shoot. Anupama walks in. Anuj says principal madam came, let us get back to work.

Samar and Toshu say they came to help in Pakhi’s wedding. Anupama says its their duty and shows wedding card. Barkha asks why there is Anuj’s name instead of Vanraj in card. Anupama tells Pakhi that she should respect elder’s wish and informs that Leela wants Pakhi to shift to Shah house till her wedding. Everyone feel happy hearing that.

Pakhi panics and says she will not leave Kapadia house. Anupama says its her sasural and her wedding will happen in her maika. Pakhi says why didn’t they think of it when Vanraj kicked her out of Shah house.

Samar asks her to continue her misbehavior and let Anupama kick her out of the Kapadia house, then she can plan her prewedding shoot on road. Pakhi continues her misbehavior and says its her right to have her desired wedding. Anupama tonue lashes her for her arrogant behavior and asks when she doesn’t right on her, then how can she show her right on others;

she asks her to go and earn first and then plan her lavish wedding; she asks if she ever thought that his father is jobless and house expenses are borne by Samar’s earning and Hasmukh’s pension, but she wants a lavish wedding. Pakhi says she is still in college. Anupama asks if she can marry while in college but doesn’t want to work.

Toshu and Samar asks if she doesn’t want them to spend time together before her wedding. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to go there and wouldn’t obey Leela’s baseless demands. Anupama says she is not asking her, but ordering her to shift to Shah house.


Anupama 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Barkha gives diamond jewelry to Pakhi and says she had bought it for Adhik’s wife, but Adhik’s marriage is in Shah house. Pakhi yells at Anupama calling her greedy for money and says she considers herself as Kapadia family bahu and wants a destination wedding. Barkha grins seeing her plan working.

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