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Anupama 9th May 2022 Mika Singh tells Anuj he will sing Anupama’s favorite song. Devika informs Anupama that she had informed Anuj howmuch she likes Mika’s song and her favorite one. Mika sings Savan Me Lagayi Aag.. song with everyone dancing to the tune. He then sings Aaj Ki Party Meri Taraf Se…

song followed by Mere Naal Tu Whistle Bajaa. After the performances, he prays for Anuj and Anupama’s together forever and says he has to search his life partner via swayamvar and promotes his upcoming show “Mika Di Voti.” Everyone wish him best of luck. Mika then notices Vanraj and asks who is this handsome man. Hasmukh says he is my son.

Mikha hugs him and leaves. Kavya says she can’t believe that Anuj made Mika sing for Anupama, but Vanraj hasn’t sung for her since a few days. Paritosh says let us start mehandi ritual.

Anupama gets mehandi applied on her hand. Hasmukh gets happy seeing whole family’s name in Anupama’s mehendi. Anupama says she is incomplete without love and family both. Devika asks Anuj to show his mehendi. Anuj shows his hand, and Pakhi, Samar, Paritosh, Kinjal, and Malvika’s names and says even he is incomplete without family.

Anupama gets emotional seeing that. Devika says Anuj and Anupama’s think same. Malvika, Pakhi, Toshu, Kinjal and others show Anu Vs Anu written with mehandi on their hands and say they all love them immensely. Vanraj gets jealous noticing that. Anuj then plays drum and everyone performs on Jugni Jugni.. song.

Vanraj stops Anuj and insists him to talk to him right now. Anuj says not now. Vanraj threatens to speak in front of everyone then. Anuj accompanies him. Anupama notices that and runs behind, but they leave by then. Vanraj drives rashly in anger while Anuj asks him to slow down.

Anupama informs family that Vanraj took away Anuj somewhere. Rakhi comments now entertainment will happen somewhere else. Hashmukh asks what does Vanraj need. Malvika says Vanraj doesn’t want to leave Anupama and Anuj happy. They all call Anuj and Vanraj to find out their location. Anupama gets worried for Anuj and warns that if Vanraj does anything wrong, she will cross all her limits.

Vanraj stops car far away into a jungle. Anuj asks him to speak now. Vanraj shouts only he will speak today and Anuj has to just listen as he doesn’t have any other option. Anuj says he has option, but doesn’t want to hurt his dear ones. Vanraj asks him to try then. Anupama continues to panic while Toshu asks her to relax. Rakhi says Anupama is overreacting.

Devika and Malvika tongue-lash and shut her mouth, but Rakhi continues her drama and says Vanraj must be trying to make sure that wedding doesn’t happen and fears he may physically abuse Anuj. Anuj asks Vanraj to be specific. Vanraj shows his children’s names on Anuj’s hand and says his children belong to only him and warns him to stay away from them. Rakhi sits on Leela’s swinger hoping the drama should have happened at Shah house itself and finds Hasmukh’s medical report.


Anupama 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anupama prays god for Anuj’s safety. Anuj tells Vanraj that he will not spare him if he eyes on his belongings. Vanraj asks what if he does. Anuj warns that he already became Anupama’s husband and will become Vanraj’s children’s father.

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Telecast Date:9th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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