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Anupama 9th April 2021 Samar thinks why is he feeling bad thinking about mummy and Mr. Shah’s divorce. He thinks Mr Shah never respected mummy and its better their divorce happens; he fears Mr Shah may convince mummy in resort and cancel the divorce; why is do divorce affecting him so much. Nandini comes there. Samar hugs her and thanks her for coming as he was feeling lonely, asks why did she come. Nandini says he was feeling very low when she spoke to him last night, so worried she came for him. He thanks her again.

At home, Baa and Rakhi think Kinjal is pregnant and get excited thinking about a small baby at home. Baa hopes Anu hears this news. Rakhi says she spoke to resort staff and arranged a call back. Anu video calls Rakhi and asks if everything is fine . Rakhi says Kinjal got dizzy twice in the morning. Anu gets tensed, but then gets very happy hearing Kinjal is pregnant and says she would be grandma and her Toshu would be a father soon. Rakhi congratulates her that they are becoming grandmothers. Anu asks if its confirmed. Rakhi says only after tests. Baa says its confirmed. Anu says Vanraj would be very happy knowing about it. Rakhi says he would be in a shock and wouldn’t want to be called a grandfather. Anu says everyone like interest more than princpal, so even he would be very happy. Baa prays god to make this news real sa it will change family for good. Baa and Rakhi continue video chatting with Rakh and think of informing Kinjal. Kinjal hears their conversation and starts crying. Baa says she is very happy hearing that. Rakhi says its overwhelming for her. Kinjal runs to her room sayng she can’t be pregnant. Kavya’s car breaks down midway and she goes out tensed to call someone.

Nandini says she will stay with him to see his competition and will not go anywhere. He thanks her and says he loves her a lot. She says she loves him more. They both dance on Jiya Main Na Jiya…song.

Anu video chats with Kinjal and says becoming mother is a great responsibility and feeling which even she went through. Baa and Rakhi say even they went through it. Anu says they would be nervous thinking about child’s ubringing, etc. Rakhi says she was not ready for it, but then was convinced. Kinjal says she and Toshu want to concentrate on their career and can’t think of a baby at this stage of life. Rakhi tries to convince her. Kavya walks towards police reminiscing Anu and Vanraj’s growing intimacy and says her would be husband is in danger amd she needs to meet him. Samar expresses his fear regarding his parents’ divorce. Nandini says its obvious as Vanraj is his father, though he doesn’t talk to Vanraj; so he should go and speak to his father. Samar denies. His friend enters and asks if he is ready for competition. He asks to remove his name from list as he is not ready for competition.

Anu tells Kinjal that she need not worry, let the test finish first and then they should decide. Baa says men get tensed first, but then they would be very excited regarding baby. Rakhi says even Pramod was more excited than her. They all 3 convince her and convince her for test. Baa hopes Kinjal is pregnant and asks Anu not to inform Vanraj till confirmation. Kavya insists inspector to let her go and give medicines to her would be husband. Inspector denies and asks her to return back. She walks back thinking Anu and Vanraj may get more closer and she can’t let that happen. Rakhi tells Baa that they should get test in lab. Baa says elders’ eyes are more accurate. Her and Rakhi’s arguments start. Kinjal ask them to stop. Rakhi says let us go to hospital and get test done. Baa argues again. Rakhi takes Kinjal with her. Bapuji asks Baa what is happening. She thinks men get tensed, so she shouldn’t inform him. Bapuji thinks she is still confused even after 55 years of marriage. Kavya meets Panditji and asks to find a wedding muhurat for her wedding. Panditji checks her and Vanraj’s kundalis and says their kundalis don’t match, so they would be marrying. Kavya stands stocked.


Anupama 10th April 2021 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Vanraj while returning home asks Anu when shall they inform family about their divorce proceedings. Kavya thinks of informing family about it and spoil their happiness. When Anu and Vanraj return, Kavya taunts that they are world’s coolest couple who went on picnic just before 3 days of their divorce.

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Telecast Date:9th April 2021
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