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Anupama 7th September 2021 Kavya tells Vanraj that she online researched about Anuj Kapadia/AK. Vanrja asks why is she interested about Anuj, while shaving his beard. Kavya says Anuj is single and if such a successful and handsome man is still single, there must be some reason, maybe an old flame which is not yet set off, anyways they shouldn’t bother. Vanraj incurs a cut hearing that. Samar walks on road senselessly remembering Rohan’s words. Shah family disguise themselves as Radha Krishna.

Pakhi thanks Anu and Kinjal for such a wonderful idea. Nandini stands tensed when Samar doesn’t return home or pick his call. Anu sensing her tension prays god to protect her son. Samar continues walking remembering Rohan’s words that Nandu was in touch with him till now. He warns Nandini not to call him after lying so much. AK with GK drives car towards temple. GK asks him to play some energetic song and dances hearing Bachna Aye Haseenon.. song.

Anu asks Samar to return home and speak to Nandini and set everything right. Samar says nothing will be right now. Anu says he is a brave boy and until he speaks, how will he sort out issues; Bapuji and Mamaji are searching for their Kanha at home, so he should return home soon. AK gets out of car with GK near temple and seeing Samar walking senselessly crying gets concerned. A speeding truck heads towards Samar. AK rushes to rescue him and they both fall unconscious on road. Anu hearing accident sound shouts Samar. Whole family gets alert and asks what happened. Anu says Samar met with an accident and panics. Nandini cries she is the reason for Samar’s accident. Anu tries to run out worried for Samar. Vanraj holds her and says nothing will happen to their son. She gets a call from Samar’s number where a man speaks and asks her to give her address to bring her son home. Anu asks how is her son and waits near door.

GK with Samar and AK drives car towards Shah house. Baa asks why did she say she is responsible for Samar’s condition. Nandini explains that Samar had an argument with her. Baa scolds her. Toshu says Samar is short tempered and overreacts. Kavya supports Nandini. Baa and her argument starts. Samar opens eyes and asks where is he. AK says relax and reveals how he saved him on time and goes into flashback where GK gets worried for him, he opens eyes and says he will not leave him easily. GK says he was worried. They shake Samar, but he doesn’t wake up.

AK asks GK dial the boy’s last call from his mobile and gets him into car. Out of flashback, GK says he frightened them. Samar panics hearing they called Anu’s number and panics that family and Nandini would be tensed. Anuj asks him again to relax as they are going to his home and asks if Nandini is his girlfriend as he had her many missed calls. Samar nods yes. AK asks his name and introduces GK. Samar says he is Samar Shah and identifies AK as family business tycoon Anuj Kapadia. AK recites a shayari and explains it that their life belongs to their dear ones, his life belongs to his mummy/GK. Samar says his life belongs to his mummy. AK says his mummy is more beautiful. Samar bets 100 rs. They reach house. Samar walks to Anu. Anu hugs him concerned and scolds him for leaving home. Bapuji says Samar is sensible like his mother and also short tempered like his father. AK gets out of car. Kavya excitedly says Anuj Kapadia. Mamaji jokes if he is Dimple Kapadia’s relative. Baa shuts his mouth. Samar says Anu risked his life and saved him. Anu emotionally thanks AK for saving her sandals yesterday and saving her son today.


Anupama 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kavya asks Anu to prepare tasty food for Anuj so that he can return here often, their life will be settled if a rich businessman becomes their friend. Anu performs garbha with Anuj. Vanraj gets jealous seeing that.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
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