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Anupama 5th January 2021 Anu sits beside Vanraj whole night looking at him in coma while Kavya returns home and cries. At home, family also cries without sleeping whole night. Anu apologizes Vanraj if she is the reason behind his bad condition. Next morning, Vanraj opens eyes, sees Anu sleeping on sofa nearby, and calls her. She wakes up and feeds him water. Kavya returns to hospital and fumes in anger seeing Anu feeding Vanraj. She angrily tries to enter room, but nurse stops her and informs her that visiting hours haven’t started yet, so she should come later. She shouts that she is patient’s family. Nurse says patient’s wife is already with her and if she doesn’t do out, she will call hospital management. Vanraj murmurs accident and thinks how did he come here and how Anupama came here. Anu informs Samar about Vanraj waking up. Baa excitedly says she wants to meet her son right now. Bapuji says they need to visit during visiting hours, Samar will go if Anupama needs anything.

Doctor tests Vanraj and informs Anu that she needs to take care of his diet along with multivitamins and not let his right shoulder move. Vanraj says his pain is fine, but he is having some discomfort. Doctor says he can go home in 2 hours, but Anu should take care of him well. Kavya enters just then and says great, she will take Vanraj home. Vanraj reminisces Kavya fighting with him. She hugs him and says she wanted to stay with him whole night, but Baa didn’t let her in. Baa with family enters and says why should she. She gets emotional seeing Vanraj. Vanraj says he is fine now. Bapuji asks how is he. Pakhi says she was writing get well note for him whole night. Baa says everyone were praying for him in different languages. Samar asks him how is he now. Vanraj says he is fine now. Samar asks to inform him if he needs anything. Kavya asks him to finish discharge formalities as she will take Vanraj home. Baa warns her to leave her son’s hand and then him, her son will go home with her; asks when she cannot even prepare tea and goes to office, how will she take care of Vanraj. Kavya says she will manage. Baa says her bahu will take care of Vanraj. Kavya says Anu took care of Vanraj whole night and now she will take her home. Baa warns her again that she will take her son home as his bad condition is because of Kavya. Kavya says its because of Anu and not her. Their argument continues. Kavya asks Vanraj to stop his mother and say where he will go. Vanraj, reminiscing Kavya kicking him out of house, asks Baa to stop and says he will go where he will find peace, he will go where his family and children are. Baa gets happy hearing that and asks Kavya if he heard that, her son will go home. Anu asks Kavya if she has any problem. Kavya says no.

At home, Baa eagerly waits for Vanraj to return. Bapuji asks her to calm down. Dolly says she cleaned bhai’s room. Sachi says she prepared welcome home card for mamu. Vanraj returns home in a cab with Samar and Sanjay. Baa excitedly performs Vanraj’s aarti and asks Anu to bring red chillies and perform Vanraj’s nazar/ward off evil eyes. Anu reminisces Vanraj’s bitter words. Baa says she has neck discomfort. Anu again reminisces Vanraj’s misbehavior and hatred for him and walks away after performing his nazar. Pakhi and Sachi welcome him. Anu keeps chillies in backyard. Bapuji walks to her and says Leela/Baa thought as a mother, Pakhi as a daughter, him as a father, but nobody thought of her. He apologizes her.


Anupama 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Baa asks Anu to stop her dance classes until Vanraj gets well. Anu says she cannot as she needs to run house and now guest is also present for some days. Kavya over phone tries to speak to Vanraj, bu the disconnects call and thinks home is where comfort is. Anu tells Baa that she will obey her each word as a bahu, but she shouldn’t order her which she cannot do.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2021
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