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Anupama 31st December 2021 Malvika returns to Shah house and apologizes everyone for walking out angrily. GK and Bapuji giggle discussing she is apologizing for even speaking right. Toshu asks why are they giggling like teenagers. Samar calls them giggloos. Malvika says let us enjoy the party. Anuj thanks Anu for convincing Malvika like a bhabhi.

She shies and walks away. Bapuji and GK take her aside and ask her to accept her love for Anuj. They say when they both love each other, what is stopping her to move ahead. Anu says mukku, she wants Anuj and Mukku’s differences to clear first.

Bapuji says problems will be there whole life, she should not wait for a right chance and Christmas is a best time to express her feelings. Anu thinks they are right, even Mr Shah had said same. Camera focuses on an envelope in Anuj’s pocket.

Samar and Mamaji announce a game. Malvika stops them and says Toshu wants to say something. Toshu feels guilty for humiliating Anu earlier and apologizes her. Anu emotionally hugs and forgives him. Pakhi claps. Toshu says his speech isn’t yet over and tells Anu that her advice was right that mom/Rakhi’s intentions are not true, he promises to set all his mistakes right and become a Toshu whom Kinjal loved. Kinjal also happily hugs him.

Pakhi claps again. He says his speech isn’t yet over and says life has given him another chance, papa and Malvika offered him a job. Kavya thinks Kapadia have opened a job fair for these jobless people. Toshu asks Pakhi to clap now.

She says she doesn’t want to now. Kinjal claps followed by others. Anu says when she can start afresh, then anyone can; her son is the most competent. Kavya gets more jealous and blabbers. Anu thanks Toshu for giving her a best Christmas gift. Anuj congratulates Toshu and thinks he has a gift for Mukku which he will give at 12 exactly.

Pakhi and Samar insist gifts from Santas. Mamaji jokes and gives gift box to Samar. Samar opens box and says its empty. Mamaji says he forgot to add gift. They check GK and Bapuji’s gift boxes next and find even them empty. Bapuji says they have their blessings and love. Nandini says they get love and blessings daily and needed a gift today. They all then dance on Rock N Roll Soniye.. song.

Each one showcase their dancing skills. Vanaj tries to dance around Anu, but Malvika pushes him aside. After dance session, Samar starts a game and says contestants will be blindfolded and given a garland which they need to put in other’s neck and demand a gift. Bapuji jokes that they should escape from Pakhi as she will demand a mobile phone. Baa warns not to demand gift of more than 100 rs from her. Mamaji calls her a miser.

Kavya asks what is the logic behind playing this stupid game. Malvika says there is a erason and questions where does Santa stay. Anu says in their house, they are all Santas and gives her moral gyaan.

Vanraj says let us start. Kavya asks since when he started playing games. Vanraj says he learnt to play much bigger games now. The all blindfold themselves and hold garlands. Kavya thinks she knows what to seek from V. Anuj thinks he will ask Mukku not to leave him again. Anu thinks she will seek Anuj’s love.


Anupama 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anuj tells Malvika that Kapadia empire doesn’t need him. Malvika warns him to break his nose if he says so. Anu asks what is happening. Anuj says he is an adopted child.

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Telecast Date:31st December 2021
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