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Anupama 30th July 2020 Episode starts with Vanraj saying Kavya will be getting the clients any time, make the best food. Baa says I will make it, she has to go to school. Vanraj asks what, you didn’t tell me. Samar says she has to go for inspection. Anupama says I have told you. Vanraj says no, just go. Samar says principal has called mummy, if she doesn’t go, it will look unprofessional. Vanraj scolds Samar. Anupama says I will make the food. Vanraj asks her to make it happily. She says yes. He says good, Kavya will be coming now, leave the school, your house is your first priority, I m habitual to see you at home. Sanjay looks on.

Anupama runs to make the food. Baa asks her to remember whose job is imp. Anupama recalls principal’s words. She says I won’t let Vanraj and my job suffer, I will manage everything. Samar asks Anupama to learn to say no. Anupama says I m a mother now, I can’t say no, let me work now, go. Samar goes. Anupama cooks fast and takes Jhilmil’s help. Vanraj says I hope the food is tasty, imp clients are coming. Mama ji says I will talk to clients in english. Vanraj says its not needed to talk in english. Baa says Anupama is making food, but food made in anger isn’t good. Vanraj says don’t worry, she will make good food. Sanjay asks Samar to cool his anger. Samar says none can see mummy’s problem here. Sanjay says they don’t even see your mummy in this house. Anupama gets her hand burnt. Jhilmil says I will apply the ice. Anupama says there is no time. Sanjay says I will take Meenu to the park. Vanraj says no need to go. Baa says we will go to temple and come. Baa asks Anupama to make good food by heart. Mama ji says Anupama can’t make any mistake. Vanraj asks Samar not to go anything. Vanraj asks Anupama to make great food and surprise him. Samar sees Anupama in kitchen. He says we always think dad is the superhero, we didn’t see that mum is the real superhero.

Principal says regular teachers come on time, part time teachers get late. Pavandeep says everyone will come on time. Principal says remind Anupama just to be on a safe side. Anupama makes arrangements. Samar asks can I help you. He asks her to have water at least. He asks when will you change saree. Anupama says I will change if I have time. He says I will do the decorations, I m an artist, I will manage. She asks will you manage. He says yes, go fast. She goes. Vanraj says Anupama, they are reaching. Anupama says it will be done. Vanraj asks Samar why is he doing this girls’ work. Samar says I m helping my mum, its a son’s work. Vanraj says they are reaching in 5mins. Anupama worries and gets thinking. She cooks the food. Vanraj and Samar welcome the clients. The client says Samar is so cultured. Vanraj says we give importance to cultures and studies, my elder son is my ideal son. Jhilmil asks Anupama to welcome the clients. Anupama takes the aarti plate. The clients enter the house and like it.

Anupama looks on. He asks Samar to keep the plate in the temple. Principal asks what, Anupama didn’t come. She calls Anupama. Anupama’s phone rings. Samar calls Bapu ji and says mummy had to go to school, but she is cooking here for dad’s clients, dad didn’t even introduce her to the guests. Bapu ji says the world is such, mother is the foundation of the house, woman can do anything, but we have to make a way. Principal says she isn’t answering. Pavandeep says she should have told us, you did a mistake to trust an ordinary housewife. Principal says housewife isn’t ordinary, its a 24 by 7 job, Anupama is one of those who keep the trust, I m sure she is on the way, she will reach by 11 am. Anupama says I won’t break principal’s trust. Kavya likes the food. She says you are world’s best cook, why this copper plates, its old fashioned, get some good crockery. Anupama says fashion changes, its out culture, it doesn’t change, relations don’t break in our world, don’t worry. Kavya says as you wish. Samar asks Anupama to come, she has to reach the school. Kavya says Anupama to just go, we will serve the food. Anupama says thanks. Samar says I m ready to take you. Client says we heard a lot about Gujarati food, we will be having it for the first time today. Principal asks did all the teachers come. Pavandeep says Anupama didn’t come. Principal says call her. Samar takes the guests to have the food. Vanraj gets surprised. Clients like the food and decoration. They take the pictures.

Vanraj says I hope you like it. They like the food. They ask Vanraj to call his wife, they want to thank Anupama personally. Vanraj thinks Anupama will be in her common clothes now. Anupama rushes. Vanraj calls her out. He says you should have become presentable and come here. Anupama greets them. The clients praise the work. They ask why didn’t you introduce her before. She says I was busy in kitchen. They ask what’s on your hand, spices. She says yes. The client asks Anupama to serve more food. Vanraj says she is an excellent cook. Samar signs her to go. Anupama asks shall I go. Vanraj takes her out. He asks her to go, thanks for cooking the food. He says you just care for the job, do your job, I will serve the food. She says sorry. Samar goes and asks her to just come. He takes Anupama. Anupama changes her clothes and gets ready. Vanraj looks at her angrily.


Anupama 31st July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Principal fires Anupama from the job. Anupama cries. She says my dream broke, I lost the job.

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Telecast Date:30th July 2020
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