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Anupama 30th December 2020 Toshu asks Kavya to leave their house. Bapuji angrily shouts at Vanraj that he used to think that world’s most ill fated father is the one who is childless, but now he thinks he is the most ill fated father who has son like him; how many times will he insult him; he should ask Kavya to leave or get out with Kavya. Baa says she thought Rakhi Dave is the most shameless woman in the world, but Kavya is more shameless than her. Vanraj asks Kavya to please leave. Kavya says she will not go alone and will take him along. He shouts he will not go anywhere. She says people say right that its difficult for a woman to create new relationships and difficult for man to break old ones; Anu was his daily life earlier and she was his weekend and now she is his weekend and Anu is his daily life. Anu warns to stop their filthy language and get away from her son’s wedding. Kavya says she will not go without taking her right. Anu says she should take her right from Vanraj and get out. Vanraj asks Kavya again to stop the drama and leave. Kavya says she came for him and he is asking her to leave, warns him that if he loses his job, he has to come to her. Rakhi smirks thinking that. Baa shouts why will her son lose his job, Kavya will instead. Vanraj holds her hand and drags, but she frees her hand and asks Anu if she will spare Vanraj or not; she used to feel pity on Anu but now feels Anu is a woman who is unfit for her husband, seeing her drama she is unfit for anyone. Nandini shouts enough maasi. Devika says Kavya interfered between husband and wife and when she didn’t get unmarried young boy, she eyed on a married man and now she is blaming Anu. Kavya yells that Anu is so weak that she needs her friend’s support to fight; she acts as helpless and garners support from everyone. Samar warns her to stop it or else he will not keep quiet, he is silent because of his mother’s sanskars. Kavya yells earlier friend and now son, Anu should call even her in-laws. Vanraj shouts again stop. Anu warns to stop. Kavya says she repeatedly calls Vanraj and still needs his support for everything, she is wearing Vanraj’s mangalsutra even after breaking up with him, she calls him repeatedly in lieu of childnren’s education, expenses, etc.; she will not go from here until she gets her right today, let the wedding function spoil. Baa asks what right. Kavya says Vanraj’s named mangalsutra is her right and she will snatch it from Anu. Anu reminisces Vanraj’s betrayal. Baa asks someone to stop this chudail/Kavya.

Kavya extends her hand to snatch Anu’s mangalsutra. Anu holds her hand and says she already told that she doesn’t need anyone’s support to fight her battle and mangalsutra doesn’t matter to her when there is no relationship left, but that doesn’t mean that anyone can come and snatch it from her neck; mangalsutra thread is tied with love and blessings, love is gone, but elder’s blessings are still on; if someone tries to touch it, she will break their hands; Kavya can see when a masala grinding hands take their stand, what they can do. She drags Kavya and pushes her out of house. Kavya shouts what the hell. Anu warns the get out of here, else a mother will make her forget her English. She asks Vanraj to take sweets for Kavya when he goes to her house. Kavya shouts she will not go anywhere, Anu can do whatever she wants. Anu gives her a tight slap. Vanraj rushes to Kavya and shouts at Anu how dare she is. Anu asks how dare Kavya is to try to ruin her son’s happiness; if Vanraj tries to create a drama with Kavya and if he is hurt with a slap on girlfriend, he can leave with her and anyways he is already out of house. Vanraj says he is Paritosh’s father and has right to sit in his wedding rituals. Kavya insists Vanraj not to go in as Anu slapped her. Anu repeatedly asks if he will come in or not. Kavya says if Vanraj goes in, he will see her dead face. Baa says then he should come in. Anu says she is asking one last time if he will come in or not. Vanraj stands silently. Anu walks away saying his silence answered her question and returning to mandap asks panditji to continue rituals as she will alone perform her son’s wedding rituals. She starts rituals while Vanraj stand outside door with Kavya and watches it. Panditji calls Baa and Bapuji for kanyadan and then asks bride and groom to start pheras. They both do same. Vanraj stands silently feeling sad while Kavya tries to drag him away in vain. Toshu puts mangalsutra in Kinjal’s neck and applies sindhoor on her hairline. Panditji says this wedding is complete with complete rituals. Vanraj blesses Toshu and walks away.

Vanraj returns to Kavya’s house with her. Kavya shouts why is he showing anger here instead of slapping Anu. Vanraj angrily breaks water glass and asks if he should have created drama there. She says he is supporting Anu as always since 25 years even after Anu slapped her. Vanraj says all the problems are because of her, Rakhi’s plan was successful because of her foolishness, there was drama because of her, she was slapped because of herself, they are fighting like cats and dogs because of her, her son’s most important day ruined because of her; why did she come there hearing Rakhi, did she forget what Rakhi did in resort. Kavya says Rakhi’s way was wrong, but if she had not done that, Vanraj’s indecisiveness wouldn’t have ended and he would have stayed in both houses; it was Rakhi who brought out truth and let him take a stand. He asks if she attended Toshu’s wedding to create a scandal and force Anu to divorce him. She shouts yes, she is tired of living a secret life and he cannot take any decision until he is forced. He shouts its not true. She says then why didn’t he gave their relationship a name and legal status, why he doesn’t want to divorce Anu; they need to break old relationships to build new; she will accompany him wherever he goes and in whichever function he attends; Rakhi helped her a lot, invited her to Toshu and Kinjal’s wedding; gave her respect and didn’t ask her to hide her relationship. He says she knows what Toshu means to him, what his happiness and wedding means to him, they were all happiness and Kavya ruined it, she even snatched his fatherly right from him.


Anupama 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Kavya shouts she doesn’t need him or his love, he should return to Anu and fall on her feet.Anu’s mother confronts Baa that her daughter would have been better unmarried instead of marrying Vanraj and asks Anu to come along. Vanraj throws away Kavya’s pic from his wallet and says he is removing her from his heart, he doesn’t need Anupama or Kavya from hereon.

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