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Anupama 2nd January 2021 Vanraj drives car rashly and meets with a car accident. People around discuss its a very severe accident and they don’t think he would be alive, they should call police. At home, Baa cries that she felt something would happen when he left home today, he does so much for everyone and even then they all insult him; if something happens to him, she will not forgive them. Bapuji says its not time to fight, just hopes Vanraj is fine.
Police reach the spot and try to get Vanraj out. Anu with Samar and Sanjay reach there and stand frozen seeing his condition, but relaxes when inspector checks and says he is breathing. A person nearby gives Vanraj’s phone to Anu. Kavya calls him repeatedly thinks, why is he not picking call with a small fight, he must have gone to Anu. Ambulance arrives and Vanraj is taken on stretcher. Anu’s pallu stucks in stretcher and she walks with it. Peon says only one can come in ambulance. Samar says he will go. Sanjay says there must be legal formalities to complete, so he will go along and Samar can come on bike with Anu. Anu gets into ambulance and sits. Inspector asks who are they. Samar says injured person is his papa and sitting inside is his mummy. Ambulance leaves.

Back at home, Pakhi cries profusely reminiscing Vanraj. Baa consoles her and blames Kavya for the accident. Dolly says its not time to curse. Baa says she will go to hospital right now. Dolly says let us wait for Sanjay’s call for the update, then they can go to hospital. Baa agrees. Vanraj is taken to hospital and doctors start his treatment. Anu asks Sanaj if he informed family, how will they manage money. Sanjay says he did and will manage somehow. Samar cries looking at Vanraj’s condition from window. A passer by consoles him to have courage and not cry as boys don’t cry. Samar says boys also cry. Sanjay takes Samar aside. Anu stands looking at Vanraj. She sees Kavya’s video call and picks it. Kavya fumes seeing her and reminiscing her slap. Anu says Vanraj is not with her, but she is with him in hospital and showing him says he met with an accident. Kavya shatters seeing that and cries shouting that its all happened because of her.

Doctor comes out, and Anu asks about Vanraj. Doctor says he got minor external injuries and not internal ones, though they will perform full body scan; Anu’s prayers saved Vanraj; they need to perform a minor shoulder surgery to prevent future complications. Anu gets more tensed hearing about surgery. He asks her to relax as he would have died with such a big accident, but escaped with minor injures. Anu stands crying reminiscing all the recent incidents. Samar walks to her and consoles her that Mr. Shah is fine. She says he can call him papa as he is not listening to him. Kavya gets ready and rushes towards hospital. Baa and Bapuji walk into hospital crying. Anu consoles Baa that Vanraj is fine and is having just minor external injuries. Sanjay tells Bapuji that car is destroyed completely, but Vanraj escaped and good he had renewed car insurance last month. Anu tells Baa that doctor told there are no internal injuries. Baa asks what about injury to heart which Anu gave; everything happened because of her; she didn’t let Vanraj attend his son’s wedding rituals and created such a big drama, because of which he couldn’t drive car properly and met with an accident; even her sautan Kavya is responsible. Anu sees Kavya coming. Kavya cries hugging Anu and asks how is her V, if he is fine. Anu says he is fine. Kavya thanks god that her V is fine. Baa gets angry seeing her and asks how dare she is to come here, why she is repeating her V as if she owns him in dowry, she cannot even take his full name. Anu requests to not shout in hospital. Baa blames Anu and Kavya for Vanraj’s condition.


Anupama 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kavya says she will not go anywhere leaving Vanraj. Baa drags her away. Vanraj’s condition deteriorates and doctor rushes him to operation theater.

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Telecast Date:2nd January 2021
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