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Anupama 29th July 2020 Episode starts with Anupama getting angry. She says Paritosh told your dad and Baa, its fine, but he didn’t tell me. She scolds Samar. She says I m happy that Paritosh has chosen a girl, but didn’t tell me, do you have anything else. He says no. He jokes and says when I fall in love, then I will tell you first. She laughs. He says I promise to tell you first. She says I just wish my children to tell me, I know children’s world gets different, I don’t want to stop them, I want to be friend of your Gf, I m modern from thinking.

He says right, you got rich, what would you do by your first salary. She says I have thought a lot. She tells the list for everything. He asks her what did she think for herself. She says its all for me. He says we have to take camera for Nihaal, give me a cheque. She says I don’t have it. He gets the cheque book and says I got this when we went to bank, sign the cheque. She gets happy and signs the cheque. He smiles. She thanks him. She asks about Paritosh’s Gf. He says she is okay. She says Paritosh chose her, she will be amazing. He says she is coaching class owner’s daughter. She says I want to meet my bahu Kinjal soon.

Its morning, Vanraj asks Paritosh to punch harder. Anupama gets protein shake for them. Paritosh says sorry for yesterday. Vanraj says we should tell her if she has come, we should meet Kinjal’s family. She says yes, call them, Kinjal has to stay here after marriage. Vanraj says fine, I will talk to her dad. Anupama says I will go and prepare. Vanraj asks what’s the matter. Paritosh says there is a problem, they are highly educated and well off. Vanraj asks am I anything less. Paritosh says I m not telling about you. Vanraj says Anupama is your mum. Anupama says now Paritosh will tell them that my mum is a teacher. Paritosh says I love mummy, but I don’t want Kinjal’s family to refuse to the alliance, they can feel awkward too.

Vanraj says there is no solution for this. Paritosh says there is a solution, if you call Kavya…. Vanraj says its our family matter, are you mad, how can we involve Kavya. Paritosh says Kavya can put a good impression. Vanraj says Kavya is not family. Paritosh argues. Vanraj says I don’t need to prove how much I love you. Paritosh says I don’t need to say how much I love Kinjal. Vanraj asks Anupama to give him the charger. She gets the movie ticket and asks did you go to watch the movie. Vanraj says yes. She asks with whom. He says with clients. She says you shouldn’t lie. He asks what. She says we went for that movie. He says yes. She says we didn’t get a chance to go again. He says we will go some day. She asks about the movie. He says dead pool, it was an english movie. She asks the story. He says sci-fi. She says hi-fi. He says science fiction, it means…

She says you can explain me later. He asks don’t you have any work. She says I have to make breakfast. She goes. Paritosh teaches Pakhi. Samar says Paritosh has to go and meet Kinjal. Jhilmil asks Anupama to take the call. Anupama greets the principal. Principal says you have to come today. Anupama asks why. Principal says there is our school’s inspection today, all the teachers have to be there, its about our school reputation, don’t be late. Anupama says how will I go, but I have to go, its about school’s reputation. Dolly’s husband Sanjay comes and drops Meenu. Meenu says no school today. Vanraj says you will be with us today. Baa asks Anupama to get breakfast for them. Anupama rushes. She says how will I manage everything, I can’t leave Meenu alone. Sanjay catches the falling bowl. She says thanks. He asks is there any problem. Sh says nothing. He asks her to think he is her younger brother and tell him. She says I have to go to school for the inspection. He asks her to go, don’t worry for Meenu, I will go office late. She says no. He says you also do a lot for us, when Meenu falls ill, you didn’t let me and Dolly take a leave, I will do this for you. She says but Baa. He says I will manage Baa. She thanks him. He says thanks for everything, all the best for inspection. She asks is inspector tough. He says yes, but you can handle it well, if you can handle Baa well, then you can handle everything, Samar and I will manage everything. She thanks him. He goes.

Anupama tells Vanraj about inspector. He asks her to go. He was on call and leaves. Baa says who will manage Meenu now. Sanjay says I have leave today, Meenu wanted to go to a park, we will go today. He signs Meenu. Meenu says yes, I m bored here. Baa asks who will do the work. Samar says Main hoon na… Baa asks will you do the women’s work. Mama ji says she is right, Baa will do the women’s work. Jhilmil says I m there to work. Baa says fine, you can do. Samar asks Anupama to rush.

Anupama says Vanraj said yes, I will go and come back soon. She starts making lunch. Vanraj comes to Kavya and asks aren’t you ready yet. Kavya gets her boss’ call. He asks why did he call you. Kavya says he is asking me to accompany for the Mumbai conference. He says how dare he, I had to go with him, you know him. She says you know me, I can take care of myself. He says I don’t want you to go with him. She explains him. She asks him not to make an issue, its part of job. He says I don’t want you to get trapped in any unwanted situation. She says I know, I trust you, you should trust me. He says I trust you, but not that man. He gets a call and asks what, foreign clients, now? Anupama finishes all the cooking and laundry work. Samar says on time, wow rockstar. Anupama says yes, I just have to change now. Vanraj comes home. Anupama sees the time 10am. She asks why did you come back. Vanraj says everything is fine, make traditional Gujarati food for four people.


Anupama 30th July 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Vanraj says your first responsibility is your house, leave the job. Anupama thinks to balance out.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2020
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