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Anupama 29th April 2021 Vanraj continues crying holding Samar. Samar asks if he wants to see mummy happy, he should divorce her. Vanraj sits silently. Samar says he first says yes, then no, and then runs away; he shouldn’t let mummy in rollercoaster ride like this. Vanraj says let us do the work which is necessary instead of thinking about divorce, they need to keep Anu happy as they don’t know how much time Anu has. Samar says he is right. Vanraj says if they want to keep Anu happy, they need to hide her illness from her. Samar asks till when they can hide it. Vanraj says till they can, Anu’s each day from today should be her happy day. Samar agrees.

Samar meets Anu mimicking a doctor. Anu laughs He says he is a doctor and patient cannot speak. He act as reading report and shows her a smiley in it. She asks what kind of report is this. He says it means she is fine and needs to pamper her younger son 3 times a day with hot water, scold her elder son 4 times with warm water, and pull her daughter’s ears 3 times. She acts as getting pain. He rushes to her concerned. She pulls his ears and asks to say sorry. He says sorry. She says pagal badmash chokra and asks if reports are fine. He says yes. She says good then, now everything will he alright with her son’s presence. She hugs him, he cries hugging her tightly, then wipes his tears and says patient needs to smile 1000 times a day and shows her. Vanraj smiles hearing their conversation standing near window, thinks Anupama’s happiness is with family, so he will call everyone; till now he just gave her pain, now he will give her only happiness.

Samar blindfolds Anu and takes her along. She asks where is he taking her. He says someone’s house whom she knows well but meets rarely. She asks who. He removes blindfold and showing a house says its his mummy’s house. Anu gets happy seeing her kitchen stuff there. He asks her to meet herself in this house and shows her name plate. She reminisces him telling her that he will gift her a house which will have her name plate and only her orders will work. She happily touches her name plate and asks how did this happen. He says Dr. Advaity understood that she didn’t like room, so he gave her cottage option. He cheers her up more and says whenever he goes out with her, he doesn’t remember home as house is where mother is. She gets emotional. He says her friend has also come. She excitedly asks Devika. He says one who is with her since childhood and shows Tulsi plant. She says this is exactly like her home tulsi plant. He says a Advaith arranged lot of stuff like home. She says she needs to pray before entering home. She happily performs tulsi pooja and draws swastik mark on door. He says perfect.

She asks how much time is left for her. He gets tensed and asks if she found out. She says till when she can stay in this house. He relaxes and takes her towards door on flower carpet. She gets happy seeing her utensils and masala bottles in kitchen and performs daily kitchen pooja. Samar then heads her towards door and opens it. Vanraj welcomes her. Pakhi happily hugs her. Bapuji and Nandini also walk to her. Pakhi says someone else has also come. Baa walks to her with aarti and says scolds her for talking about leaving home, says she performed bahu’s aarti 25 years ago and today will perform beti/daughter’s aarti. She performs aarti. Everyone welcome her. She gets happy seeing family pics on wall. Baa reminds her to touch her feet and take blessings. Anu does. Vanraj offers her flowers and welcomes her. Baa says let us take Thakurji’s blessings and says Thakurji loves her a lot, so he came even here. Anu asks why they did all this for just 2 days. Baa gets emotional and asks her to stop talking and perform aarti. Anu performs aarti singing Aarti Kunj Bihari Ki.. bhajan. Everyone feel sad standing behind, but smile when she turns. She finishes aarti and thinks everything is fine, but feels everyone is hiding something from her.


Anupama 30th April 2021 29th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Family dances with Anu. Vanraj thinks he wants keep Anu happy till she is alive. Nandini asks what if Dr. Advaith informs Anu about her condition. Anu asks Advaith what he thinks about her medical reports. He says she has a tumor in her ovaries.

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Telecast Date:29th April 2021
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