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Anupama 24th November 2022 Anupama walks into Dimpy’s hospital room with trembling feet and breaks down noticing her lying senselessly.

She controls herself and walks to Dimpy. Dimpy also breaks down and says for the first time in life she felt why she is a girl. Anupama says she should instead question why those monsters are not human and cries repeating surri surri surri for failing to stop the monsters. Dimpy says its not her mistake. Anupama says she and Anuj are with her, she knows nothing can calm down her pain, but she is always with her. Dimpy asks about Nirmit.

Anupama says he is fine and with Anuj, she should rest. Dimpy says she wants to give statement to police and get the boys punished. Anupama says she will call police inside. Dimpy asks if she filed police complaint. Anupama says yes. Dimpy says she will fight and win util Anupama, Anuj, and Nirmit are with her.

Anupama asks her to maintain her determination as the monster boys lost their dignity and not her, she should fight with with great courage. She recites a poem in her mind describing power of a woman. Kavya notices Leela breaking down concerned for Pakhi and comforts her. Leela says she is worried for Pakhi, but can’t be leniant like Vanraj and let Pakhi continue her tantrums.

She asks her to stop Vanraj from visiting Pakhi or else Pakhi will never learn from her mistake. Nirmit refuses to file police complaint fearing for his and Dimpy’s lives. Anuj tries to convince him. Nirmit says he cannot see Dimpy being humiliated in court for years and the rich and powerful brats will walk out free.

Kavya asks Vanraj to let her take tiffin for Pakhi as Pakhi would overreact seeing him. Vanraj asks why they are villainising his daughter and not understanding his emotions towards his daughter. Kavya thinks she understands, but wants Pakhi to reform herself. She walks to Pakhi’s house and notices Pakhi lazing around and forcing Adhik to prepare coffee for her. Adhik notices her and excitedly informs Pakhi that Kavya has come.

Pakhi arrogantly says she saw her and continues to sit ignoring Kavya. Adhik welcomes Kavya and goes to pick a call. Kavya tells Pakhi that Vanraj has sent French toast for her and Adhik. Pakhi says she knows papa loves her a lot. Kavya says she brought it today as Pakhi must not have set up her kitchen yet, but Leela will not let her bring anything from tomorrow. Pakhi arrogantly says lets see and enjoys toast.

Anupama tongue lashes Nirmit for trying to take back his complaint and says if they don’t punish the culprits, they will spoil another girl’s life, he is more wrong by supporting crime. Anuj says they can’t punish the victim always. Anupama says when Dimpy is showing so much courage being a victim to punish the culprits, he should support her and not back off. Pakhi tells Kavya that she is giving lecture inspired by Anupama and has become Anupama’s devotee.

Kavya says she is not patient like Anupama and wouldn’t hesitate to slap Pakhi if she continues her arrogance. She says she is going more away from her family by her acts and suggests her to concentrate on her career, support Adhik, and rejoin college. Pakhi rudely asks her to get out of her house and continues her misbehavior. Kavya says soon her whole family will hate her and she won’t be having any place to hide. Pakhi thinks they all will repent soon.

Nirmit agres to file complaint after Anupama and Anuj’s encouragement. Dimpy records her statement. Nurses cry hearing her ordeal, and they all clap for her. Anupama praises her and says whatever she did now is a courageous act as its not easy to recall a horrific incident. Anuj says Anupama is right,

he salutes her for her courage and talks about being brave and facing humiliation. He suggests them to inform their family about the incident. Nirmit refuses as his family will not accept Dimpy. Dimpy says she is confident that her Nirmit will never abandon her whatever the situation arises.


Anupama 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anupama tries to stop Nirmit when he tries to abandon Dimpy. Dimpy hears them and says let him go. She throws her bangles and mangalsutra on him and says he disrespected her most valuable thing of her life, her mangalsutra.

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Telecast Date:24th November 2022
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